Mistico injured again (yes, again)

Last night, Maximo posted this on his Twitter

Maximo worked Guadalajara Tuesday night, so poor guy. I’m still just looking thru all the stuff I have to catch up on, so I’m not sure if this was mentioned elsewhere previously, but it was the first I heard of it too.

Apparently, Mistico worked the show, his second match back and his second match in about 18 hours. And…

…it’s also his latest injury. There’s no mention of what he hurt or how he hurt it, or really even how bad it is. Being taken to emergency is a never a good sign, so I’m assuming this is severe enough to keep him out a while. Again, this is a private show, so we may not actually see what actually happen and will only find out more if CMLL shares it.

This injury is an unbelievably cruel turn of events. I’m not a big fan of this Mistico, and I’m definitely not a big fan of how CMLL’s using him, but this is just tragic right now and all I want to do is be sympathetic. I’m also afraid the reality of the situation was Mistico wasn’t completely healthy, but he was back because CMLL needed him to be back – possibly as much for this mystery Wednesday 10 AM show as for NJPW – and it’s Mistico who pays the price. Third major injury in six months. Lucha libre is not a pain free sport, but it’s not meant to be this either. You’re doing it wrong.

I hope Mistico gets whatever rest he needs this time. And I hope there are some angry people who force some changes here. This should not be continuing.

No idea where this leaves the NJPW shows; not sure if there’d be visa issues with sending a replacement or if that could be worked out in time. Easiest option might just be moving Mascara Dorada or Titan up to Mistico’s spot – but then, that’s been the easiest option all along.

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  1. I wonder what Sin Cara thinks of all this. I’m sure his best wishes are with the new Mistico, especially since he has had his own injury problems. It does have to feel good though that them trying to replace him hasn’t gone as planned. If CMLL is pushing him out there if he’s not healthy then I hope the guy doesn’t end up crippled :(

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