top six stories of the last two weeks

  • Emilio Charles Jr. passed away.
  1. Many lucha libre shows were held on Christmas and New Year’s Day. On 12/25, Negro Casas kept his NWA Welterweight Championship over Guerrero Maya Jr., and Polvora defeated Titan to keep the CMLL Welterweight Championship on 01/01 day. Also, Bobby Zavala & Disturbio defeated Leono & Tigre Blanco in a double hair match, with the young rudos cheating a bit to save their scalps.
  2. AAA held it’s only TV taping in a 6+ week stretch. Toscano, one of the founding members of El Consejo, seemed to quit the group after he cost the team another match. Drago & Psicosis started a feud, and Cibernetico and Perro Aguayo continued towards a singles match.
  3. Fuerza Guerrera & Black Terry continued to feud on IWRG shows, teasing a cage match with many of their lucha students.
  4. AAA & CMLL’s Televisa shows went into 3 long weeks of Best of material. The AAA Fusion show also went into reruns.
  5. In other year in review material, CMLL and AAA officials came together to discuss lucha libre in 2012, while luchadors from both companies debated who was to blame for low turnouts at shows in 2012
  6. Fuego & Stuka Jr. continued their 4.5 year long reign as Arena Coliseo Tag Team champions with a win over Cancerbero & Raziel.
  • Mini Stukita debuted in CMLL, while IWRG debuted a plethora of new minis for the holiday season.
  • Rayan kept his title in IWRG, while Factor won the IWRG Juniors championship.
  • video of Alushe beatboxing surfaced.