AAA Fusion: 2012-12-05


taped 2012-11-24 @ Plan Sexenal, DF

one spot of many

Impulso, Terremoto Negro, Tornado vs Belial, Fly Metalik, Mr. Leo: You should probably watch this one yourself and decide what you want to do with it. I\’m very conflicted. This was the dictionary definition of a spotfest, proudly so and these kids pulled off the highly difficult spots much better than a lot of people who try to do these sorts of matches. But this was also absolutely nothing beyond a spotfest; it\’s enthusiastically one dimensional match. There was absolutely no reason, or selling, or story or order to the match. You could reorder the moves in twenty different ways and it\’d be the same overall match. You could\’ve put in an empty gym and it\’d almost be the same exact match; there was just one moment early on where a luchador acknowledged there were people watching him (this match was clearly done the way it was because they knew lots of people were watching them but they tried to ignore that while they were doing it.) It was more numbing than thrilling by the end. I\’m sure it could be called a video game match, but even video games force you to start small and work your way up to big moves, there had to be some massive cheat codes involved for this one. I don\’t want to say this match was bad – there are spotfest matches where guys can\’t actually do the spots that are bad, these guys did everything we saw them try – but this was not what I wanted out of a lucha libre match. It had one element I like but not enough of others.

This is also weird, but I\’m not sure anyone in particular got over by all of this despite the effort. The promotion XMW might have gained some interest (though it wasn\’t particularly emphasized here) but everyone did ever so much that no spot and no luchador particularly stood out. There were 10 different moments I could\’ve captured in a gif, but there wasn\’t one that had to be it.


Cibernético, Cuervo, Joe Lider vs Chessman, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Psicosis: No sound for the second half to he match really took me out of this, but it\’s not a match I was expected much from in any situation. Especially not in Fusion extended play main event form. They did exactly the match you\’d expect from this lineup. By the time I got to this recap, they did upload a version of the the sound with no sound problems, but I didn\’t really need to see this again. I\’m sure I will anyway.

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  1. well you are right the XMW match was a spotfest, spectacular but nothing more..XMW only shows are better and the crowd atleast knows the wrestlers, here in AAA Fusion or Perros del Mal no one knows these guys….i think XMW Wrestling and Shows just work for a small crowd ..and marks like me .

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