Emilio Charles, Rafaga, Estrellita, Silueta

Emilio Charles Jr. was buried with, among other items, a photo of Los Talibanes and an Club America flag. Atlantis, Satanico, Solar, Rafael el Maya, Gusano Llanes, Fantasma and Emilio’s lucha libre trainees are mentioned as being present.

Rafaga is very proud to be champion, dedicating the win to his mother who was sick for a while. Rafaga says he’s been training at Arena Coliseo Guadalajara since he was 7 (he’s 27 now, so 20 years) and he’s finally won a title. He’d like to defend it often, and he believes he’s getting a chance in Arena Mexico in February.

Estrellita, who compares herself to a fine wine, says winning the Mexican National Women’s championship is the best possible Christmas present. Her goal for 2012 is hairs – Amapola’s and Blanca’s.

Silueta was happy to beat the thorn in her side, Zeuxis, and hopes for more in 2012.

In a piece about how lucha libre legends stay on top (synopsis: they work harder), Atlantis says the two keys to his longevity are learning how to wrestle and learning how to eat.

A lucha libre art exhibit opening in Oaxaca included a series of interviews with local luchadors. I know there’s a lucha libre scene in Oaxaca, not big but a couple promotions, but I rarely see results or even non-AAA lineups from the area, just pieces about the luchadors there.

Porra Fresa has it’s yearly looks at the most frequent appearances in Arena Puebla. Poses for women, foreigners, and Invasors are up now with more to come.

Violento Jack & Aeroboy say they enjoyed their trip to Japan, and have been invited back next summer.

Hijo de Rey Misterio (II) defeated Bestia 666 at the Extreme Rising show on Saturday.

A visit to the Lucha Libre Guatemala library reveals so many old magazines.

Puerto Rico wrestling awards.

A piece about the WAR promotion of Ecuador.

A Bolivian author talks about meeting Huracan Ramirez and other luchadors while living in Mexico City, and how being a tecnico or rudo affects the luchador.

Fenix hypes the Super X show next week.

Scary lucha figurine parts.

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  1. Any info on FULL in Houston in January would be great. I can\’t find any thing on them via Google. Just a half-assed upload on socaluncensored where you can\’t read half the poster.

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