AAA on Televisa: 2012-11-25


taped 2012-11-09 @ Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla

crazy old man

Cuervo & Fabi Apache vs Gran Apache & Mari Apache: Just alright. Cuervo didn\’t show much as a técnico; the bits where Gran Apache was beating him up were a better showcase, and not in a way that made Cuervo sympathetic. This role just hasn\’t worked out well as of yet. This was also another one of those AAA tag matches where the teammates barely work together and the matchups are fairly static. Not sure why they needed a ref distraction when Tirantes was already helping the rudos but whatever.

crawling away is the best part

Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver King, Toscano: I do not like the idea of breaking up Consejo already. However, they are doing a great job of doing telling the story and I\’m always happy to get that. It was a good mix of the Circus usually match with some newer Consejo stuff; it didn\’t feel like a repeat of summer\’s feud. This itself was a good match and the post match attack came across stronger than most.