AAA Fusion: 2012-11-14


taped 2012-11-03 @ Arena Neza

Dark Dragon, wrecking machine

Fenix vs Drago, Toscano, Dark Dragon in an AAA FUSION tournament match: fifteen minutes full of action and craziness. There were definite things to nitpick – I wish someone else could come up with an explanation for why people break up pins in elimination matches, because the luchadors clearly will never stop looking like morons for doing that, and the eliminations came quickly after not happening at all for an extended period – and it would’ve been better in front of a crowd capable of making some noise. Those are only thing the things that keep it from being a great match, it’s still probably going to be the best match of the week most weeks.



El Mesías & Joe Lider vs Chessman & Daga: Poor Mesías. He ends up working most of this match himself, leaves for just a minute, and Joe Lider gets himself pinned! I don’t know what happened here, but that was atypical to say the least. Maybe Lider is hurt (more than usual?) Hurt by following the last match in front of a less than enthused match, and another 15 minute match that would’ve been better than 10-12 (or maybe just better distributed), but at least it wasn’t 20.

Lider’s contribution to the match