CMLL on CadenaTres: 2012-11-10


taped 2012-11-06 @ Arena Mexico


Freesbe & Robin vs Camorra & Ramstein: unexciting match made worse by taking place in a the world’s largest library room. These guys had little crowd noise to work with but did little to improve the situation.


double knee to the face

Hombre Bala Jr., Super Halcon Jr., Triton vs Artillero, Disturbio, Súper Comando: a good segunda with a sudden and inexplicable end. Would’ve liked to see this was a more normal third fall (and are they banning dives in the first two matches now?) They might be up to something with Super Comando and Tigre Hispano here, but it just came off as random. Super Halcón & Hombre Bala have progressed so much.

Dark Angel, Marcela, Silueta vs La Comandante, La Seductora, Tiffany: fine match, highlighted by Silueta refusing to play by the new rules. Maybe that was just my highlight. Comandante and Marcela played off each other well, and I’d very much like to see that title match someday. Marcela looks like she may be more presently occupied with trying to beat Dark Angel in the bodybuilding contest.


Tiffany, rolling

Ángel de Oro, Diamante, Hijo del Fantasma vs Euforia, Olímpico, Vangelis: I have nothing I can think to say about this match. It started. The técnicos did the same stuff they do in every match. It all went fine. The match ended. We all went on with our lives.


phantom lariat

Atlantis, Blue Panther, Diamante Azul vs Mephisto, Tama Tonga, Terrible: straight build to the tag title match next week, thought the individual battle between Azul & Tonga seems much hotter. I would be thinking it might be the year end match, except it’s Azul who’s not going to be around for it. Rush & Azul challenging for the tag team titles makes a lot of sense. Both sides start fighting, with the rudos getting the better of it and unmasking the técnicos. (Panther and Mephisto are long gone, Comandante just watches from outside.)