AAA Fusion: 2012-11-07


taped 2012-11-03 @ Arena Neza

all you need to see from this match

Cuervo, Fabi Apache, Lolita vs Gran Apache, Mari Apache, Taya Valkyrie: Okay match that felt speedier than the 10 minutes it went. Apaches were their usual good together, though no one did anything that I could think to gif. Taya can do moonsaults but has trouble feeding herself for lucha moves, which is not much of a surprise for where she’s at in experience here.

Dr. Wagner Jr. & LA Park vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. & Silver King: Intensely boring and drawn out. This wouldn’t worst match of the year because it’s not full of blown spots, but it’s among the least entertaining matches of the year. A deadly mix of a much too long Fusion main event, luchadors not at all interested in doing anything more than the minimal (and even that was arguable) and a one note story. Consejo were complete jobbers the entire match, and it still took Park & Wagner turning on each other many times for them to finally do anything. Perhaps a hot crowd could’ve covered the problem up, but what was here was awful.