The British Embassy and Fundación John Langdon Down have issues a press release withdrawing support for tonight’s scheduled British Night themed show at Arena Mexico. The foundation helps children with special needs, and the show was supposed to be British themed, but all of those themed bits will not be happening. The specfic paragraph

El Comité de Caridad de la Embajada Británica entiende que la Fundación John Langdon Down A.C ha retirado su apoyo debido a lo que la Fundación considera una la falta de seriedad y cumplimiento por parte del Consejo Mundial de la Lucha Libre de beneficiar a la Fundación John Langdon Down A.C. con un porcentaje específico del total de la venta de boletos de la función.

The foundation pulled out because they wanted to know the specific percentage of the tickets they would be given, and CMLL was either evasive about the answer or it wasn’t the answer they wanted to hear. The press release ends with a guilt line of “it’s up to CMLL to decide if they will donate any money or none at all”, and then saying they’ll have nothing more to say about this. You may notice the press release includes a “fail” tag, and the original twitter message uses #CMLLFail tag, not seen since CMLL’s last dumb booking move. Safe to say there are harsh feelings from the charity to CMLL on this one.

A charity organization saying they’d rather withdraw support for you than take any money makes anyone look horrible. Still, we don’t know the actual details here and maybe shouldn’t be in a hurry to assign blame until we do. Both sides probably share some blame. We can assume they thought they agreed to some amount of money being donated prior to this event being announced (or it wouldn’t have got this far), but we don’t know if they mistakenly agreed to different things, or which side tried to change the agreement after that fact. It really could be either.

The bottom line is a fun theme night is out the window (maybe with whatever trophy Sombra or Ultimo Guerrero was going to win) and a charity has decided it’d rather get no money rather than whatever it was being offered. The actual CMLL Friday night show at Arena Mexico will still go on, but with a lot less pomp and circumstances.

We’re still getting a Sombra vs Ultimo Guerrero match CMLL probably wouldn’t have bothered to do otherwise. If you were going to spend money on a ticket and you”d still like to thank the Foundacion for it, you can donate directly on their website.

CMLL hasn’t responded yet. I hope they do, but there’s no guarantee they will.