Arena Mexico notes, Mistico, Averno vs Titan, Extreme Tiger, Queretaro

CMLL hypes tonight’s Arena Mexico show around the New Guerreros taking on the all star tecnico team of Atlantis, Mistico and Sombra. There’s the slight problem of Mistico only having one usable shoulder at the moment. CMLL still hasn’t publicly mentioned Mistico’s injury, but he was unable to wrestle at a show last night. Mistico is wearing a shoulder immobilizer, meaning they don’t even want him to move his arm, so I’m not sure about the possibility of him working thru a match tonight to set up an injury angle. (On the other hand, he had to move his arm enough to take off his shirt for some reason.) Sombra replaced him last night, not sure who will be today.

Mistico – back as Dragon Lee – is supposed to appear with the rest of the cast of El Luchador today on E! Latino’s La Sopa show tonight at 10. I think that’s the Mexico version of The Soup  – they show clips from shows and make jokes of questionable taste – so I assume they’ve been making fun of El Luchador clips for a while. (I know I have!) That’s Luchador guys are a wounded crew right now, between Mistico’s shoulder injury, Rey Bucanero’s knee surgery and surely Shocker’s lack of sleep due to his new kid. Felino will have to dance for four.

The most interesting match of the night is Averno challenging Titan for Titan’s Mexican Welterweight Championship. CMLL is on a run of title changes; the last five title matches taking place in Arena Mexico have all been title changes: Dragon Rojo defeating Prince Devitt for the NWA Middleweight Title, Amapola beating Leon for the REINA International championship, Reyes del Atlantida winning the Mexican National Trios titles, Polvora defeating Mascara Dorada for the CMLL Welterweight Title and Tama Tonga & Terrible winning the CMLL tag team titles last Tuesday. CMLL hasn’t changed that many titles even when they’ve tried to assemble the right amount of champions for the Universal tournament, it’s unprecedented. There’s been no successful defense in Arena Mexico in two months (though there has been in other arenas during this time.) This feels much too soon to change a title, Titan is just stating to get established as a champion, Averno not really needing this title, and far to few tecnicos being champions. Still, Averno winning the title wouldn’t be as big a surprise as Polvora or Tama & Terrible winning, and we’ve seen both of those happening.

Los Colisenos says Panico has a surprise tonight. Free beer for everyone? (Potentially more interesting guesses are “someone debuting” and “something with Mistico.)

Extreme Tiger talked to MedioTiempo about leaving AAA. Tiger appreciates AAA for giving him opportunities and says the door is open to returning, but he prefers to be an independent and will not be joining another company. It sounds like a priority for him is to break out of the US – he specifically mentions wanting to wrestle in the US or Japan. Perhaps someone suggested he might have that opportunity if he left AAA, that might explain this. Tiger says the fans are going to see the same style out of him now as in AAA.

The Rey Cometa headlined Quereatro show on 11/30 is to fund the local box y lucha commission, who’d like to put on an award show next year. Tickets are free but they’re hoping to turn a profit on food and drink.

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Another story about the lucha libre art exhibit at the museum of modern art includes a great illustration.

Photos and an article about a press conference the upcoming Teleton motorcycle ride, which will take place 12/08 and include La Parka, Cibernetico and Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.

There’s a workshop on Mexican lucha movie making today in Colombia.

AULL has an all trainee show this Friday.

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