Volador vs Mascara, AAA TV, CMLL title changes

CMLL (TUE) 11/13/2012 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) El Divino & Virgo b Acertijo & Sádico
2) Exterminador & Ráfaga b Black Metal & Esfinge
Esfinge replaced Metatron, but screwed up for the loss.
3) Estrellita, Luna Mágica, Silueta b Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit, Tiffany
Estrellita and Blanca feuded.
4) Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Titán b Kráneo, Mr. Águila, Olímpico
5) Dragón Rojo Jr., Mephisto, Volador Jr. b La Máscara, Shocker, Super Porky
Volador unmasked Mascara and cradled him for the win. Mascara demanded a singles match. Volador just walked off, but it’s on for next week.

AAA tapes tonight in Arena Naucalpan. It should be the last taping before they start to announce the Guerra de Titanes card, so the major matches should be clear. The semimain includes the one announced match – Texano vs Mesias for the AAA Title – as part of a tag match with Chessman and Vampiro, who may be in their own match. The Consejo vs Psycho Circus may also be a preview of a trios match, though the winner of the Oficials vs Infierno Rockers match may also get involved. The opener continues the Mascarita Dorada vs Mini Charly Manson feud. The main event is Dr. Wagner Jr. vs LA Park, which should set up something for either o both them for AAA’s end of the year show and might be an interesting match in itself.

Tried to work out what’s going on with all the CMLL title changes of late, and last night’s Tercera Caida where Tama Tonga was still taunting Diamante Azul after the tag team title change. I had assumed Tonga was done this week, but since he’s not on the next NJPW tour (the last significant one of the year) and just won the tag team titles, I could not be more wrong. Tonga’s comments would be great to set up a Diamante Azul vs Tama Tonga mask vs hair match for an end of the year show, except Azul is going on that NJPW tour and that wouldn’t leave them much time to build it back up. They don’t need as much time for a lesser match, a tag title match with Tonga & Terrible taking on arch rival team of Azul & Rush. That’d make a fine semimain, even better if Azul & Rush pick up some wins in that tournament. CMLL tries to keep everyone happy, which means Atlantis picks up trios titles before he loses tag team titles. (CMLL tries to keep everyone who matters happy, I guess. Sorry Invasors!) And the Polvora win sure looks to be a way to establish him at a higher level before hooking him into the rudo vs rudo feud (where Rey Escorpion is leader of his group and the only one without a belt!) That’s my best guess at the moment.

The Mexico City Museum of Popular Art will have an exhibit on lucha libre. It opens tomorrow.

MedioTiempo has an interview with the company behind the possible FULL/Tinieblas arcade game. They’re still not even close to their funding goal, partly because this sort of Kickstarter project is still new in Mexico (and new in the world, relatively speaking) and partly because no one ever actually links to the funding site in these articles. This article spells the site’s name wrong, it’s fondeadora.mx, and the donation page is here.

LuchaMania Monterrey writes about the ERLL 3rd Anniversary show, with Hampon taking Coyote Jr.’s hair.

R de Rudo notes a Capitan Furia vs Dr. Salvaje hair match.

DJ Spectro looks back at Rayo vs Santo in 1968, and Rayo unmasking La Bestia.

AAA has the third part and the fourth part of their chat with the Psycho Circus and looks back at the best trios in their history.

LuchaWorld has KrisZ’s news update and PosterMania.


CMLL (TUE) 11/20/2012 Arena Mexico
1) Freesbe & Robin vs Cholo & Zayco
2) Camaleón, Höruz, Molotov vs Bobby Zavala, Disturbio, Inquisidor
3) Bam Bam vs Pierrothito [lightning]
4) Diamante, Fuego, Sagrado vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Sangre Azteca, Skándalo
5) Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Valiente vs Felino, Negro Casas, Puma
6) Euforia, Niebla Roja, Último Guerrero vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Pólvora, Rey Escorpión

Sure appears Polvora is the third man in the Dragon Rojo & Rey Escorpion group, though nothing’s officially been said.

Puma King changing his name to Puma is really dumb, but that semimain isn’t.

Bam Bam should tease going to the top rope and then change his mind.

indy (SUN) 11/18/2012 El Gimnasio Municipal Josue Neri Santos, Ciudad Juarez
1) Baby Star & Yuri Star vs Princesa Guerrera & Zafiro
2) Hermes, Metro, Sexy vs El Pagano, Fusion, Scorpio 2000
3) Angelix, Magno, Pantera vs Black Fish, Pantera Asesina, Rey Escorpion (juarez)
4) Antifaz del Norte, Mil Mascaras, Sicodélico Jr. vs Angel Blanco Jr., Ari Romero, Head Hunter
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Lizmark Jr. & Super Parka

One of two shows with this crew in this area; there’s one in El Paso on Saturday with slightly different matches. Mil is wrestling back to back nights (or at least is in matches back to back nights.)

GALLI (SUN) 11/18/2012 Arena GALLI, Villa Park, Illinois
1) Adrenalina, Matt Creed, Tommy Heisman vs ?, Punisher 747, Willie Bling
2) Furia Roja & Ripper vs Gpa & Mojo Maqueen
3) Atomico vs Matt Knicks
4) Acid Jazz, Marshe Rocket, Negortistico vs Jake Shining, Jon Morales, Mason Conrad
5) Pentagono vs Funebre
6) Emperador Azteca vs Rebelde Noriega [mask, hair]

I might be able to make this show. Maybe. (Something will come up and now I won’t.)

AULL (SAT) 12/01/2012 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Trauma I, Trauma II, Zumbi vs Chucho el Roto, Daga, Iron Love
2) Solar I vs Negro Navarro [FLLM MASTER]
3) Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Canek, LA Park

This is the night before Guerra de Titanes, so LA Park and Dr. Wagner (and maybe Daga) wouldn’t be getting to Guadalajara until afternoon of the show.

PdM (SAT) 11/24/2012 Plan Sexenal
1) Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Texano, Toscano vs Halloween, Trauma I, Trauma II
2) Cibernético & Joe Lider vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Psicosis

Show to support Hector Garza and his battle against cancer. The card will eventually include 30 wrestlers from DTU, AAA, Perros del Mal and Xtreme Mexican Wrestling.