Mistico out two months with shoulder injury?

As noted the last couple days, Mistico was hurt Monday night in Puebla. He landed badly on his shoulder in a botched attempt of a shooting star press and was tended to for doctors. It wasn’t totally clear how bad it was, especially after Mistico had previously suffered what seemed to be just as bad knee injury in the same arena weeks ago only to wrestle two days later. It looks like Mistico did not luck out this time.

Satanico’s been working with Radio58 as a analyst for the Arena Coliseo Guadalajara shows, was running the CMLL Guadalajara school last check, and is plugged in enough with CMLL that he was backstage for the anniversary show. He’s in a position to know what’s going on here. If CMLL is already telling local promoters that Mistico is off their show, word about his injury is circulating around internally, they just haven’t decided to announce it officially yet. The exact injury shoulder injury is unknown, but a two months absence and that sort of landing suggests Mistico separated his shoulder.

It’s no surprise Mistico has suffered an injury that will keep him out for months; many people saw this coming not just from the moment he got the new identity, but back to his Dragon Lee days (where he had two absences due to knee injuries.) There are many other luchadors in CMLL who wrestle a similar high flying risky style, but Mistico seems to suffer traumatic injuries most often. It could be his body, his technique or just the pressure of being Mistico, but this was sadly inevitable.

Mistico’s brother, Rush, had his own problems with a shoulder injury which just would not heal correctly early in his career. It does not seem to be a factor now. This is unlikely to be an injury which affects Mistico’s style when he returns, compared to a lower body injury. Still, Mistico’s dropped his run up the ropes moves after the knee scare, and has crashed and burned on the shooting star press before. (Plenty of people have, that move is underrated for it’s risk.) Maybe it’ll also be put on the shelf for something else.

Two months out would put Mistico out until mid January, right before the FantasticaMania shows. There’s no guarantee he’d be ready for those; both companies would really want Mistico on those shows, but recovery from shoulder injury can vary. The more local problem is Mistico La Nueva Era is CMLL’s flag bearer for every show they’re doing with an outside promoter. Mistico headlined shows have not drawn as well as hoped, but they still seem to be getting promoters to pay for the CMLL wrestlers to come in the first place; there are far more advertised shows bringing in multiple CMLL luchadors the last six months then the year prior. That may be the only part of the equation CMLL actually cares about (they get paid flat fees no matter how many show up), and those extra shows may dry up with the ‘draw’ of seeing Misitco. In the meantime, Mistico won’t be spending much time at home recovering, but instead be traveling around the country to wave to the fans and apologize for not being able to wrestle at the shows where he’s already been scheduled.

Mistico is the centerpiece of CMLL’s current plans – he’s a focus of both reality shows, and seems certain to headline a major show next year – but CMLL will be without him for a while.

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  1. Sorry to see this happen. Always a shame to see someone injured. I never thought of the SSP as dangerous. I don’t think I ever saw Billy Kidman botch them and he was the most familiar to me that used it. Even the one Brock Lesnar attempted at Mania years ago surprised me. He used it as a finisher in OVW.

  2. @Stormy: Kidman was generally fine with them in WCW but had a lot more trouble with them in WWE (maybe more in kneeing people in the head than his own landing) because he added on weight and they took the move away from him at one point. Jericho infamously broke his arm before a SMW show trying it, Liger’s had problems, Mascara Purpura had some ones that didn’t go right, but the one I think about was the Marek Brave one

  3. Adding to the botched SSP highlight reel. The most memorable for me because I was sitting front row when it happened was Celestial against Super Crazy at the Perros’ first show with Santo and Demon. I thought he was broken in half and then Crazy powerbombed the hell out of him. I love Super Crazy, but that was one of the most reckless things I’ve ever seen live. When people are running from backstage to check on a guy as you are getting ready to hit your move, that might mean you should have slowed things down.

    Also, note the care with which Celestial is taken backstage after the match…

    Skip to 2:15 if you just want to see his moonsalt from the bleachers, Crazy no selling it, and then the botch and aftermath.

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