AAA Fusion: 2012-10-24

Freelance has a iron head


taped 2012-10-21 @ Arena Lopez Mateos

crazy headscissors


Fenix legdrops himself out of the universe

Astro de Plata & Freelance vs Dr. Cerebro & Mike Segura: AAA Fusion could exist just as an excuse to get more Freelance on TV and it’d be a fine show. This was another really good match involving him, with only the confused finish (did Freelance get the move he wanted? Was the match supposed to end on that?) hurting it. Freelance and Segura are super fast with each other, and great at making their difficult aerial maneuvers seem effortless. Dr. Cerebro was awesome at leading the youngster through his complicated offense. Astro de Plata was the weak link – which is no surprise since the other 3 have been wrestling twice a week since about the day Arena Naucalpan opened – but his floating headscissors to the floor was amazing. I wouldn’t trust doing that with most any indy guy but Dr. Cerebro is pretty good.


invisible banana peel!
(this might be Fenix’s fault)



El Mesías, Fenix, Vampiro vs Chessman, Silver King, Último Gladiador: begging for tho show to go to three matches on TV a week, just to have to prevent these intermable 20 minute matches. This was one was worse than last week, because most of the guys clearly were were working half speed because of the small crowd (forgetting they’re on a TV show.) That match was awful for the first third and barely passable the rest of the way. Maybe a 10 minute match would’ve had more effort, maybe we just would’ve only had to see it for 10 minutes, but this felt like a waste of my time. Note Chessman did beat Vampiro here, though it took Vampiro’s teammates hitting him twice to accomplish it.