AAA on Televisa (Regional): 2012-10-21


taped 2012-10-07 @ Domo Centro de Espectaculos, San Luis Potosi


Dinastía, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito vs Mini Charly Manson, Mini Histeria, Mini Psycho Clown: fun match. Técnicos all had their moments to look great and made use of it. Dinastia is fast and fluid, Octagoncito knows what he’s doing, and Dorada actually gets even trickier with time. The move he pulled off with Mini Psycho Clown was great, and not just because I didn’t think Psycho Clown could pull it off. Since Histeria & Dinastia have their whole exchanges memorized, Mini Charly Manson is actually the weakest link (and the most likely to break your neck), but he was perfectly fine here. There haven’t been many AAA minis matches to make TV this year but they’ve got a good level of quality.


why does he jump?

Abyss & Chessman vs Joe Lider & Vampiro for the AAA World Tag Team Championship: not a match of botched spots – everything went fine, except maybe some guys took more thumbtacks then they wanted – but a match of the same hardcore stuff we’ve seen before not done in any interesting way. If they did the change because they weren’t sure when Abyss was coming back, then not sure why he wasn’t the one pinned and treated as unbeatable. Crowd totally dug the finish, but the match didn’t do much for me.

Copa Antonio Pena: I recapped the Regional version and watched thru National one. The National one was hurt by the wrestlers entering so ludicrously quick after one another – any period that didn’t have an elimination was cut from 90 seconds to 10 – but it looks like it was a more action that way. There’s never been good pacing to the Copa Pena royal rumbles; they wait for the ring to fill up with just about everyone before eliminating people, and we’re treated to lots of people hanging near the ropes to stay out of each other’s way. The idea here seemed to be let the new guy do his spots, and then just send the next guy out when he was done, but it came off more as two guys doing a series of spots while everyone else stood around.

Gladiador does not take the easy way out
Mascarita Dorada lost a couple inches after this one

The logic problems really didn’t start bugging me until the ending stages of the match. All the bits where luchador A has luchador B almost out and luchador C stops it for no reason (they’re not friends and he’s going to try to throw out luchador B in next anyway) don’t really make any sense when you stop to think about it for a few seconds, but those are sort of epidemic to battle royals. Never as much as it seemed to happen here, but it happens. The last two guys were all sorts of dumb. Texano and Mesías both eliminated people while they were on the ropes, but they’d get each sitting on a buckle and choose to pull them back in the ring for a move to try to win, or climb up top to do a big move which wouldn’t really help them at all. Still, they weren’t as dumb as Konnan, who saw Mesías laying on the apron, just needing one slight tug of the leg to pull him from the win and give the win to his new best friend Texano, and decide the thing to do was punching Mesías back to the safety of the ring. Way to go! Maybe someone could help explain why Konnan is with Texano, seeing as Consejo’s attacked Konnan’s guys plenty of times and Consejo isn’t supposed to be friends with anyone but themselves. (They could’ve just sent Toscano out again to do the same spots, but then it wouldn’t have been Konnan.) Texano did come off strong in the end – Konnan’s involvement was really beside the point, Copetes clearly saw the foul and didn’t care because it’s a battle royal and there really aren’t disqualifications in battle royales. Texano also did well on the post match promo, outshining Mesías. Very confused why the vacated bit was shown one show and not the other, and why Texano cares.

Tayasault has amazing power


Nicho has all the concussions

domed cage match: If all cage matches were sub 9 minutes, maybe I’d like them better? Either this was edited quite a bit down, or the SLP was the most forgiving over bits like main eventer Cibernético being in the ring for 3 minutes. (I’m sure it was editing.) This was nearly too frantic to follow, but not quite that much, and it fits the same model of the Wagner/Mascara mask match as an entertaining happening rather than a good wrestling match. It wasn’t to the level of the mask match but the fans here seemed okay with it. Halloween losing hair that was 90% hair extensions is all kind of weak, but wasn’t a real surprise at the time. Finishing playing off the finish of the mixed tag match we haven’t seen is weird. This was alright for what it was for.