CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2012-10-20


taped 2012-10-14 @ Arena Mexico

apparently legal
a collision of some sort

Fantasy vs Mercurio for the masks: Very good match, outpacing the expectations from the rest of the feud. Even though CMLL pushed the feud hard on TV the last week and half, these were still two largely unknown guys by the casual fans who got them into it throughout the match. It was the best ever for both guys. It gained a bit live with the result being much unknown all the way, and the frequent recovery breaks stick out a bit more on the rewatch, but it’s still a quality match.


Azul ain’t playing


poor mije

Volador Jr. vs Diamante Azul: last week’s match was a lot of hate between the two; this one was a bit disappointingly more of just Azul conforming to a Volador match. It was impressive Azul was able to play his role well – taking the top rope ‘rana was particularly impressive – but the emotion wasn’t as much there as I’d like. Still good, just not the kind of match I was hoping for. Mije’s antics were amusing.