11/03 AAA Fusion Results (Neza)

AAA Fusion (SAT) 11/03/2012 Arena Neza [AAA (MT)]
1) Trauma I & Trauma II b Astro de Plata (IWRG) & Freelance
Traumas, who had earlier said they weren’t actually working this show, in fact did wrestle. Trauma II submitted Astro de Plata.
2) Gran Apache, Mari Apache, Taya Valkyrie b Cuervo, Fabi Apache, Lolita
Taya, making her TV debut, replaced Sexy Lady. Mari beat Lolita with a brainbuster.
3) Fenix b DragoToscanoDark Dragon [AAA FUSION, tournament]
Tournament format unclear, but this was the opening of it, a four way elimination match. Drago submitted Toscano, Dark Dragon beat Drago with a Michinoku Driver and Fenix beat Dark Dragon with a top rope ‘rana into a DDT. Money was thrown in the ring.
4) Chessman & Daga b El Mesías & Joe Lider
Mesias replaced Vamprio, who told people on Twitter that he was never told about this appearance and was taping TV elsewhere. Chessman speared Joe for the win, then called Vampiro a coward and said their feud would be over when he’s done with it.
5) Máscara Año 2000 Jr. & Silver King b Dr. Wagner Jr. & LA Park
Consejo won when Wagner & Park turned on each other and ripped each other’s mask.

Air Date: 11/07, 11/14

Arena Neza looked half full for this taping. The debut show for Fusion drew well, but this is now two in a row shows that have drawn disappointing turnouts. This one probably won’t look as bad on TV.

Not sure which match will be skipped. They taped promos for the main event and the mixed tag match. The tournament match has to air. They’ve shown the local matches every taping so far, but it’s either that or Chessman/Daga vs Mesias/Lider to be skipped.

Next taping in two weeks.

3 thoughts to “11/03 AAA Fusion Results (Neza)”

  1. looking at video on Superluchas maybe 300-400 at Neza.

    The concept of Lucha on a sports channel in 2012 is stupid. More stupid being on one that is not available on satellite.

    Does Fusion run on-screen graphics to promote Fusion tapings?

  2. If the goal of these shows is just to provide content for a TV show and get more guys work than attendance really isn’t a huge deal. I’m not defending the gates by any means since AAA really should have done much better in the two smaller buildings but the national TV tapings draw better since they are in places that may not get AAA back for a while.

    This is a good reminder to go back and look up ticket prices on the posters. I’m curious now since one of the main factors could be Arena Lopez Mateos/Arena Neza both have weekly shows and at least one major show every 3 weeks so if there was a large discrepancy in tickets prices for an AAA taping and a random show with Canek/Wagner it would explain a lot as to why the regular fans decided not to go if they can get the same stars for cheaper.

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