Angel keeps his title, Pirata/Navarros, Oro

IWRG (THU) 10/25/2012 Arena Naucalpan [Estrellas del Ring]
1) Matrix Jr. & Star Boy Jr. b Araña de Plata & Astro Rey Jr.
One fall match, which appears to be the rule on Thursdays for the last many weeks. Plata’s first main show match here in a year.
2) Alan Extreme, Carta Brava Jr., Yack b Cerebro Negro, La Cobra, Relampago
Alan Extreme replaced Star Boy. Carta Brava beat Relampago for the win.
3) Factor, Rayan, Spartan DQ Oficial 911, Oficial Fierro, Tóxico DF
Toxico replaced AK47. Factor got away with a foul on 911 in the first, the faked a foul in the second for the straight fall win.
4) el Ángel b Oficial AK47 [IWRG IC MIDDLE]
Angel is champion. Heddi Karaoui was scheduled to get the match, but pulled after suffering a concussion on Sunday. The Estadio de Mexico commission appointed AK-47 as challenger. Angel took the first with a submission, AK47 pinned Angel in the second. 911, AK47’s second, interfered in the third fall and was ejected. This distracted AK47, and Angel won with a spanish fly. First defense.
5) Negro Navarro, Trauma I, Trauma II b Barba Roja, Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Pirata Morgan
Navarros took 2/3, Trauma I submitting Hijo de Pirata. Those two threatened each other about next week’s cage match.

This afternoon was the annual mass at Arena Coliseo to honor Oro and others deceased luchadors. Tiger, who would’ve been 6 when Oro died, says he was a huge fan of Oro when at that age. He had Oro posters and dolls, and when people at school would ask him who his father is, he would tell them Oro.

Today’s Arena Mexico match is another Guerreros vs ex-Guerreros rematch. Hopefully Niebla Roja tries the tornillo on someone besides Tama Tonga this time. It’s also Dark Angel’s first match in Arena Mexico in two months.

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