11/03 AAA Fusion Lineup (Neza)

AAA Fusion (SAT) 11/03/2012 Arena Neza
1) Astro de Plata (IWRG) & Freelance vs Trauma I & Trauma II
2) Cuervo, Fabi Apache, Lolita vs Gran Apache, Mari Apache, Sexy Lady
3) Fenix vs DragoToscanoDark Dragon [AAA FUSION, tournament]
4) Joe Lider & Vampiro vs Chessman & Daga
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. & LA Park vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. & Silver King

Air date: 11/08 & 11/15

Looks like this show gets it’s own champion. It’s not like AAA’s doing a lot with the title belts they have (when is Daga getting his title shot? Mesias went six months without defending his title and may go another six) but it’d give them the freedom to do whatever they’d like to it on this show without concern of the other show. And it’s an excuse for what looks like a really good match. The first 3 matches should all be good and the main event is not without hope.

I’m okay with Daga never getting his cruiserweight title match if Chessman & Daga win here and then get the tag titles.

Show should draw better with Wagner & Park teaming again. It is about the same main event as the opening show, with Mascara in for Texano.

Again, they have five matches and seem like they’ll only air 4. They aired the opener this past week, so it’s not a matter of cutting out the local guys (and obviously they really like Freelance with how much he’ll be used.) Maybe the extra matches are being saved up for when everyone goes on vacation at the end of the year? Maybe it just is.

Traumas situation is odd; they’re members of Perros del Mal on PdM shows and they’re all over the Bizarros vs Perros fight they keep showing, but when the Naucalpan match aired, Trauma I was just a random IWRG guy. Maybe it’ll make more sense here.

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  1. First three matches look like sure winners but this show seems a bit cursed after the Inferno Rockers mess from show #1 and all the injuries on show #2. Hopefully all goes well here and match #3 steals the show! Pulling for Drago but any one of those four winning would be fine by me.

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