AAA Fusion: 2012-10-10


taped 2012-09-30 @ Sala de Armas Magdalena Mixhuca

Fabi starts trouble, Tirantes is justified

Cinthia Moreno, Fabi Apache, Lolita vs Jennifer Blake, Sexy Lady, Sexy Star: usual AAA women’s trios match that got better with the big finish and turned out good. Champion beating least important person is solid booking. If they’re as serious about this show as the home of new talents, they probably should do the Lolita/Sexi Star title match they’ve been teasing or months here at some point.


finisher parade ends badly for Halloween

Cibernético, Cuervo, El Mesías vs Daga, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween: AAA long form match: rudos jump técnicos early, beat them down for a while, técnicos make a comeback, every técnico gets a few minutes of offense, dives and the finish. Like the opener, the last few minutes made it better than then usual. The early Perros beatdown was as usual, a brawl that must come across as wild live but felt more like wandering on TV. Mesías seemed to like working with Daga, because he was doing all sorts of spots he hasn’t been doing here of late. The Texano stuff was too brief – he was there and gone without a trace in a minute – but they did replay it and talk about it on commentary, and set up more for next week.

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