Volador and Mije > Diamante Azul, Fantasy unmasks Mercurio

photo by CMLL

CMLL (SUN) 10/14/2012 Arena Mexico [CMLL, La Catederal]
1) Magnus, Sagrado, Soberano Jr. vs Camorra, Inquisidor, Ramstein
Sagrado & Magnus replaced Metalico & Tigre Blanco. Tecnicos took 1/3.
2) Fuego, Mr. Cacao, Stuka Jr. DQ Arkángel de la Muerte, Hijo del Signo, Skándalo
Rudos were accompanied by Nitro (seemed to be walking okay) and new valet Isis. Straight falls for the tecnicos, Cacao surprising Arkangel in the first, Arkangel fouling Cacao in the second. Stuka challenged Arkangel to a match in Cacao’s promotion in November.
3) Goya Kong, León, Marcela b La Seductora, Mima Shimoda, Zeuxis
Tecnicos took 1/3 in a good women’s match.
4) Fantasy b Mercurio [mask]
Very good match. Seconds were Pequeno Olimpico & Astral. Fantasy was wearing his original mask design, while Mercurio’s torn mask revealed dyed hair. Mercurio won the first with a Destroyer, Fantasy the second with a spanish fly in slightly longer than usual opening falls. After a long and exciting third fall, Mercurio went for the Destroyer again, Fantasy escaped and used his own piledriver for the win. Mercurio is Abraham Arrieta Gonzalez, from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, 25 years of age, 5 years a wrestler.
5) Blue Panther, Marco Corleone, Máximo DQ Negro Casas, Rey Escorpión, Tama Tonga
Maximo replaced Rush. Straight falls for the tecnicos, rudos DQed for excessive violence in the second.
6) Volador Jr. b Diamante Azul
Mije accompanied Volador won the first fall with the backcracker. Diamante Azul trapped Volador in the escuedo in the second. A long third fall included a bit where Diamante Azul german suplexed Volador and Mije at the same time. Mije, who was often involved near the end, took the worst of it. Right after, Volador took a wild backdrop to the floor, and was barely able to catch Mije when he was tossed out. Finish saw Azul german suplex Volador again, Mije break up the pin with a splash again, ref admonished Mije, Volador teased a foul, Azul covered up, Volador pulled his mask off and covered him for the win.

IWRG officially announced the annual Castle of Terror show for 11/01, a Thursday night taping.

The IWRG show did not air on AYM Sports tonight. The same listing that correctly predicted IWRG being pre-empted list it as airing this Monday at 9pm Central instead (and every Monday after that, though you should never believe next week’s listings for that sort of channel.) If it airs, I am not really sure how I’m going to get it cut/converted/uploaded before the usual Tuesday morning post update. That post may move to later in the day or maybe get split up somehow, I’ll see.

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