10/21 AAA Fusion lineup (Arena Lopez Mateos)

AAA Fusion (SUN) 10/21/2012 Arena Lopez Mateos
1) Astro de Plata (IWRG) & Freelance vs Dr. Cerebro & Mike Segura
2) La Braza, Nygma, Polvo de Estrellas vs La Hechicera, Mari Apache, Sexy Star
3) Aerostar, Extreme Tiger, Súper Fly vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
4) Ricky Marvin & Super Crazy vs Daga & Halloween [GHC JUNIOR]
5) El Mesías, Fenix, Vampiro vs Chessman, Silver King, Último Gladiador

air date: 10/24? 10/31? We haven’t established if these are 2 or 3 weeks of tapings yet.

Ultimo Gladiador main events an Arena Lopez Mateos show! This one might draw better than the past ones.

Daga & Halloween probably aren’t going back to Japan with the belts, but it would be kind of awesome if they did. That should be a really good match, Halloween has good of land and this is the match Daga dreams about. Marvin and Crazy should be good for the occasion.

Super Fly! Exists! They needed more combinations of tecnicos to face the Infierno Rockers.

Segunda is rudas versus exoticos, a bit they haven’t done here in a while.

Opener should be really good too. Freelance earned another match here based on his Arena Naucalpan. He earned way more than that, but you’ve got to start with one. Segura & Cerbero have been good too. Astro de Plata seems to have either dropped out of IWRG or been relegated back to FILL shows, so this is a big chance for him too.

2 thoughts to “10/21 AAA Fusion lineup (Arena Lopez Mateos)”

  1. To respond to the rumors: No, I am not booking AAA Fusion. In fact I’m not sure I could do a better job. What a lineup! Matches #3 & #4 should be killer.

    Good to see Astro De Plata turn up somewhere. He’s got a boatload of potential. Maybe that opener will pop up somewhere somehow.

  2. Great lineup. True to their word, Fusion features some guys not seen on the main show.

    One must hope TVC/PCTV has plans to get this show on a network like MundoFox(a new OTA net), or LATV in the US.

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