CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico): 2012-09-29


your weekly Rey Cometa tornillo


taped 2012-09-21 @ Arena Mexico

Niebla Roja is a horrible person

Dalis la Caribea, Goya Kong, Marcela vs Amapola, Princesa Blanca, Tiffany: a better then usual womens match simply because theres more good women involved then the usual current womens matches. The people who arent good werent really any better but there was enough interaction with the good people to keep this working. This really should be the case for all the matches they do, but theyre woefully overextended.


Virus & Valiente

Hijo del Fantasma, Rey Cometa, Valiente vs Niebla Roja, Puma King, Virus: Good match, especially the first and second fall. Dragged a bit in the second fall when the rudos were in charge, because they stuck to their own offense and not much of it, but the last fall was very exciting and Puma and Cometa are still coming up with things do together. Finish almost seemed messed up when do you see Cometa land two 450s in one match? – but they didn’t react like something was wrong. Niebla and Fantasma definitely reacted like something was wrong.