Heroes Inmortales live coverage

Today, I’ve got live coverage – or at least the best I can come up with – for today’s Heroes Inmortales show. We’ll also be talking about the CMLL on Terra internet feed, and probably whatever lucha airs on TV tonight. Heroes Inmortales results will appear on this page and over on twitter @luchablog, and we’ll be talking about the shows in a chat at the bottom of this page.

There is no PPV or stream of Heroes Inmortales. AAA’s Twitter account suggested there will be a surprise in regards to transmission – maybe it’ll be placed on YouTube like TripleMania? – but the only way to see AAA’s show tonight is to be in San Luis Potosi. AAA usually posts live results on their Facebook account (reposted to Twitter.) They often stop posting before the end of the show and don’t post complete results, but I’ll b e scanning Twitter to put together the best picture we can.

Heroes Inmortales is listed as starting at 5:45pm, but probably won’t until sometime later than that. Update: show did not start until 7pm.

AAA TV (SUN) 10/07/2012 Domo Centro de Espectaculos, San Luis Potosi
***Heroes Inmortales, 2012***
1) Mini Charly Manson, Mini Histeria, Mini Psycho Clown b Dinastía, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito
Mini Charly replaced Mini Psicosis.

2) Halloween & Mari Apache b Atomic Boy & Fabi Apache and Fenix & Lolita and Alan Stone & Jennifer Blake [AAA MIXED TAG]
Match was announced for vacant titles, but Alan Stone replaced Ultimo Gladiador and so the tag champs were reunited. Halloween replaced Gran Apache. Both may be explained on TV we haven’t seen yet. Sexi Star was guest referee, which was mentioned when the lineup was announced locally but treated as a surprise here. Halloween and Mari Apache won the titles, with Sexi and Gran Apache helping out.

3) Joe Lider & Vampiro b Abyss & Chessman [AAA TAG]
Abyss & Chessman came in as champs. Usual hardcore match. Vampiro pinned Chessman to win the title. Abyss was angry about the title loss and beat up Chessman.

4) Texano Jr. b El Elegido and Extreme Tiger and La Parka Jr. and Toscano and Daga and Héctor Garza and Juventud Guerrera and Zorro and El Mesías and Heavy Metal and Psycho Clown [Copa Antonio Pena]
Battle royal and maybe royal rumble rules. Elimination order went Toscano, Extreme Tiger, Ultimo Gladiador (unknown who he was replaced), Psycho Clown, Juvi and then we lost mention of it. Heavy Metal did participate. Final four were Parka, Garza, Mesias and Texano. Garza and Park went out, and Texano won with a Konnan distraction and a foul. Texano refused to accept the cup – it’s AAA and Pena – and Mesias told him off and promised to send him back to CMLL.

5) Jeff Jarrett, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver Kain b Dr. Wagner Jr., LA Park, Zorro
Zorro replaced Electroshock. Rudos won and destroyed Parka after the match.

6) Halloween L CibernéticoCuervoJack EvansOzzel Hijo del Perro AguayoTeddy HartPsicosis [dome cage, hair]
Bizarros (& Jack) versus Perros. Last man out loses his hair. Order of escape went Cibernetico, Ozz, Psicosis, Perro, Teddy, Jack and finally Cuervo to leave Halloween behind. Both the Perros and Sect got involved when it came down to Cuervo and Halloween, with Fabi and Atomic Boy also helping Cuervo and hurting Halloween.

My preview of the show.

CMLL’s Sunday Arena Coliseo show is streamed live on Terra.com. The link to the show is http://t.co/mAmFkJH2. Last week’s show had a variety of technical difficulties. Minis Mercurio and Fantasy meet one more time before next week’s minis match. CMLL may also be setting up a title match or singles match main event for next week’s show.

CMLL (SUN) 10/07/2012 Arena Coliseo

Notes: Diamante Azul vs Volador Jr. was set up after a heated (sometimes too heated) main event. Ephesto was hurt after a Triton senton con giro gone wrong, and Triton came close to hurting himself earlier in that match. Hooligan missed his match with an injury suffered after his Arena Puebla match on Monday.

Three different promotions have shows tonight. CMLL airs on EstrellasTV with a recent Arena Puebla show, Noches de Coliseo on Multimedios (listed as Paid Programming) may have matches from last Sunday’s Arena Coliseo Monterrey show, and IWRG’s Sunday night show airs live on AYM Sports around 7pm.

Notes: Rayo de Jalisco vs Blue Demon Jr. was hyped on TV as the main event of tonight’s ACM, but Rayo de Jalisco Jr. took his money and didn’t show. Blue Demon explained the situation and the fans handled it okay.

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  1. Thank you for the coverage Cubs! I have a question. Has Vampiro ever been a tag-team champion? The times I’ve seen him he’s mostly been a singles wrestler.

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