LEGEND (SUN) 09/30/2012 Arena Lopez Mateos [MT]
1) Black Terror Jr., Calle 13, Miedo Extremo b Blue Dragon, Extreme Misterio, the Black
2) Chapuline Negro, Dr. Máscara, Rey Mohicano b American Assassin I, American Assassin II, Hanaoka
3) Mini Histeria, Nihon Dragon, Taya Valkyrie b Big Mama, Black Thunder, La Parkita [lumberjack]
Black Thunder & La Parkita replaced Juan el Ranchero, while Mini Histeria was added to the other side.
4) Douki, Heddi Karaoui, Maya Balam, Zumbi b Argenis, Argos, Dr. Karonte, Dr. Karonte Jr. [elimination]
No Magnus. Turbo was set to replace him, but rudos destroyed him before the match. Dr. Karonte heroically stepped in for his team. Still, foreigners won when Argos accidentally hit Argenis with a chair and Zumbi got the pin.
5) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown b Alex Koslov, Chris Masters, Rocky Romero
Rudos won the opening fall with a Masterlock on Murder Clown (who ended up with an arm injury.) Psychos came back to win 2/3, pinning Masters with the piggy back splash

LLA (SUN) 09/30/2012 Gimansio Neuvo Leon [_danielgonzalez]
5) Mistico b Último Guerrero, Atlantis [LLA AZTECA]
Mistico pinned champion UG to win the title.

Way too soon for Mistico to be winning a title, and it really shouldn’t be a hot potato title as his first championship. Unless CMLL is just going to pretend this didn’t happen.

3rd defense. Like his teammate (?) Polvora, Virus has beat both Arena Coliseo tag champs in title defenses.

Shocker, in promoting the new season of El Luchador (October 17th!) says the two hardest battles he’s had in his career are success and injuries. Success alone is not the problem, but success mixed with alcoholism has been. Shocker says being a new dad has motivated him to stay away from alcohol.

Puma King was surprised to receive so much support from the fans at the Anniversary show, but feels like the fans started to get behind him after the En Busca de un Idolo tournament. Puma is very thrilled about some positive comments Satanico made about him. He’d like to move up and face the top guys (Atlantis, Ultimo Guerrero) but knows Rey Cometa is still after him and is okay fighting him more, since they have a good match every time.

A recap of an AAA show on Sunday in Oaxaca mentions Decnnis in the semimain, which means he couldn’t be one of the Infierno Rockers in  DF the same day. (Also, Teddy brought his cat to the ring.)



LyC (SUN) 10/07/2012 Arena Coliseo Monterrey
1) ? vs ??
2) Gemelo Muerte I & Gemelo Muerte II vs Bengali & Cats and Hijo Del Mongol Chino & Mongol Chino Jr.
3) Canek Jr., Fishman Jr., Hijo De Kato Kung Lee, Kung Fu Jr. vs Difunto I, Monje Negro Jr., Potro Jr., Tigre Universitario
4) Blue Demon Jr. & Rico Rodriguez vs Máscara Púrpura & Rayo de Jalisco Jr.

Built off this past Sunday’s show, though results haven’t turned up for it.