Maybe? Kind of? Only if you have obscure latino package channel AYM Sports.

AYM Sports’ programming guide lists “Lucha Libre AAA” as airing this Thursday night at 7pm. It airs again on Saturday at 9pm, another 2 hour show. AYM’s listings can be incorrect – Sobre el Ring is on when listed about half the time – and so there’s a chance this is some mistake and no show will air at that time. However, these same listings have cleaned up IWRG’s schedule (now listed with an 3 hour timeslot, with a rerun scheduled on Wednesday. If they’re fixing the schedule for Sundays, they’re probably fixing the schedule everywhere. Still, I’m questioning enough about that I needed to take a screen shot for proof.

A two hour AAA show is likely the show we’ve been calling AAA “Regional”. I’m not sure what AAA calls it, but we have given that name because it’s only aired on regional affiliates of Televisa (and not on their main feed.) If that’s what it is, this Thursday should be last weekend’s recent regional show, with matches from Ecatepec. Going forward, it could conceivably be the same show that airs in Mexico that weekend.

(It’s also possible it’s a wildly mislabeled indy show, or the new FUSION show – though TVC Deportes letting another sports channel airing their show is the most unlikely outcome.)

AAA has said nothing about a show a new AYM Sports (which airs in both Mexico and US.) AYM Sports has no active web presence, though they’ve left littered the internet with corpses of websites and social media accounts. AYM Sports is so small time, they don’t have a wikipedia page. At the same time, AYM is often bundled with two dozen other channels on latino channel packages. Few know the channel exist, but a lot have access to it or could good access to it.

In the US, AYM Sports appears to have no actual advertisers – the breaks are just old PSAs from the Church of the Later Day Saints and promos for other shows on the network (which just recently have started revealing when the shows are on!) I have no idea how this network makes money or exists in the first place, which makes it unlikely they’ve paid AAA to be on their AAA. (IWRG has said to be paid by their main sponsor for getting their logo on TV, perhaps that’s how AAA is making money here.) In Mexico, AYM has a slight relationship with Televisa’s biggest rival – TV Azteca – as they piggy back on their digital channels for over the air transmission.

Not The Only New Show This Weekend. Albert noted this in the comments, and Dr. Lucha had brought it up last week: if you get the new Time Warner (TW) Deportes channel, there’s a Lucha Libre on the schedule. It’s on tomorrow afternoon, 1pm, for two hours, and no one has any idea what is actually airing. Not a clue! Two hours makes me think it’s either the CMLL C3 show or the new Puebla show that’s been airing on Estrella TV, but your guess is as good as mine.