Rojo/Devitt, Tales of Mask Men, Casandro

Today’s Arena Mexico show is headlined by Prince Devitt vs Dragon Rojo for Devitt’s NWA Historic Middleweight Championship. Devitt is the favorite, though Dragon Rojo has been prone to the inexplicable victory (like over Lyger for last year.) The undercard has a Maximo vs Taichi lightning match. Zayco returns in the opener.

Kcidis draws Dragon Rojo training for the match.

Lots of articles about Tales of Masked Men, which debuts tonight. The best one I’ve seen is Slam!’s, which included an interview with the director about how they picked the luchadors they focused on (Santo, Mascara Sagrada, and the Solars.)

KGB Wrestling has a good interview with Casandro about his career. He mentions he’s about two months away from being able to return to the ring, and traveling internationally to film festivals with the Exotico movie.

An Colombian article hyping the already canceled international show this weekend has promoter el Jaguar claiming he wrestled in Madison Square Garden, won the world light heavyweight championship three times, and was best friends with El Santo. I can’t believe this guy didn’t come thru on the shows he was promoting, he seems like such an honest guy.

Silver King, hyping Heroes Inmortales, says he was always behind Consejo and helping Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. take Dr. Wagner’s mask.

Rob has highlights of mid January 2001 AAA and the top 5 spots of the week.