09/29-09/30 lucha times


Besides the usual lucha shows, PBS’s VOCES has “Tales of Masked Man” lucha libre documentary. Start time varies; it’s on at 10 PM here.

El Mundo seems to be repeating their episode in order, so we may be done with that one already.

=== CMLL ===

Galavision/Televisa: Should have the Rush/Terrible follow up trios and always assume the women’s match ends up on this show.

FOX: which means Devitt/Dragon Rojo build up moves here, along with the Cometa/Puma trios.

52MX: lighting match, random trios, and Devitt and Volador in trios. Note this follows a football (americano) game and started about 15 minutes late when that happened a couple weeks ago.

C3: Mephsito vs Titan, Pesta Negra vs Mascara, Sagrado, Stuka.

GDL: Volador Jr. vs Prince Devitt

EstrellaTV/TVC Deportes (Puebla): both versions of Puebla are on the same week, though with slightly different match choices. This should be the show with the latest Marcela vs Amapola match. It also has the match where the fans got on Shocker. The match that got Volador/Niebla suspended was not shown, it would only make sense to give this main event the same treatment.

En Busca de un Idolo: debuts on Fox Sports +. If they’re going in order, they go back to April 27th for Polvora vs Dragon Lee and Puma King vs Triton.

Terra: The final 3 matches look strong; Guerrero Maya vs Averno (first time ever), Diamante/Fantasma/Stuka vs Namajague/Okumura/Taichi and Bucanero/Taichi/Volador vs Panther/Valiente/Mascara

=== Other ===

AAA: the main show should have Chessman/Halloween/Psi vs Ciber/Garza/Ozz and Wagner/Shocker/Jack vs Mascara/Silver/Teddy, both of which lead into the Heroes Inmortales. The regional show adds a Infernal Rockers vs Alebrije/Fenix/Samurai match, a mixed tag with the Apaches and Cuervo, and a minis match.

IWRG-TVC Deportes: They aired Sunday’s taping last week, so they’ll have this past Thursday’s show this week (and the FILL show next week, by the looks of the camera.) Cien and the Traumas take on Navarro, Wagner and Mascara in a feuding partners main event, while the Temerarios meet the Officals.

IWRG-AYM Sports: early matches look best: Centviron, Dinamic Black, Saruman vs Los Temerarios. Actual main event is Pirata/Veneno/Sagrada vs Cien/Factor/Mascara.

ACM: they did run a show last week, but not sure they actually taped it (or anyone showed up.) Probably reruns.

Volador defeats Prince Devitt, Heroes Inmortales, Mercurio/Fantasy

CMLL (TUE) 09/25/2012 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara [Fuego en el Ring]
1) Espectrum & Èvola b Black Metal & Halcón de Plata
2) Bárbaro Cavernario & Disturbio b Leo & Stigma
3) Pólvora, Puma King, Skándalo b Gallo, Rey Cometa, Starman
Very Cometa/King focused with the other guys not doing much. Puma won with a powerbomb.
4) La Sombra, Rush, Valiente b Dragón Rojo Jr., Euforia, Rey Escorpión
Euforia replaced Mr. Aguila. Tecincos won, but rudos stormed the ring after the match and took Valiente’s mask.
5) Volador Jr. b Prince Devitt
Volador won clean with a backcracker. Mije helped out early, finished sounded clean.

Volador vs Prince Devitt I: no Mije, Volador lost
Volador vs Prince Devitt II: no Mije, Volador lost
Volador vs Prince Devitt III: Mije there and Volador wins.

AAA sent out the Heroes Inmortales lineup, which is exactly as the local newspaper had about three weeks ago (except they know how to spell Atomic Boy.) The superlatives are overwhelming in this one: Silver King, Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. and Jeff Jarrett are “the three best rudos of the day” (what a terrible day) and the 12 wrestlers in Copa Antonio Pena “want to have the opportunity to honor Antonio Pena.” Toscano & Texano are in that match, I’m pretty sure their gimmick is the opposite.

Chessman, hyping the Heroes Inmortales card,  is unsure why Lider is getting another shot for the tag belts, or why he picked such a lousy partner. The article mentions the AAA & the local promoter made sure public transportation would be running after the show, which is a help given how late into the night that show will run.

I will not get to AAA TV until tonight, but I guess the announcers been saying Heroes Inmortales is on 10/05. All the advertising says 10/07. It’s actually 10/07.

Mercurio vs Fantasy, mask vs mask, will take place on 10/14 at Arena Mexico. CMLL held contract signing yesterday, with both guys giving usual quotes. They’re pushing experience (Fantasy) versus youth (Mercurio), which probably means bad news for the experienced guy when CMLL is push all new stars. Fantasy had been a fringe guy on the roster until about the last year, as well. Fantasy refers it to as a (the?) celebration of 20 years of Pequeno Estrellas. Mercurio’s hometown was mentioned as Monterrey, which is at least the third different hometown he’s given. Panico said they’re still putting together the lineup and don’t know where the match will be on the card, suggesting it could be the main event. It will not be a main event. Astral/Pequeno Nitro was the fourth match, which is the most likely spot for this one.

CMLL usually has a press conference in the next week or so. (They’ve got all the usual material ready: foreign people visiting, other people leaving, tournament to talk about, groups breaking up and/or forming.) They could’ve just waited until that to announce this match, but maybe they wanted to make sure we knew they were actually going to have the match despite not booking them together this week.

AAA will interview La Parka tonight on a webcast. Ask him if he he bought his son a new bike after Cibernetico broke his old one. Also, is Taboo alive?

Mr. Cacao says he’ll be back in CMLL in October.

LuchaWorld has a recap of this week’s AAA’s TV

Rob has highlights of 01/23/12 CMLL Puebla

Bill already has highlights of 09/23/12 IWRG



CMLL (TUE) 10/02/2012 Arena Mexico
1) Freesbe & Robin vs Cholo & Inquisidor
2) Molotov, Pegasso, Soberano Jr. vs Cancerbero, Raziel, Taurus
3) Estrellita, Goya Kong, Marcela vs Amapola, La Comandante, Princesa Blanca
4) Stuka Jr. vs Niebla Roja [lightning]
5) Blue Panther, Diamante, Hijo del Fantasma vs Mephisto, Puma King, Vangelis
6) Diamante Azul, Shocker, Super Porky vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Volador Jr.

Shocker is back! The injury seems to have healed in exactly two weeks, how about that.

Still figuring on Estrellita/Blanca on 10/09

Taurus makes a quick jump to the second match. Maybe he worked with Soberano before? Can’t find a lineup.

top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. CMLL’s Anniversary saw Terrible lose his hair to Rush and Puma King take Rey Cometa’s match, in big matches where the fans cheered stronger for the rudos. The quality of the matches were higher than TripleMania, with both big matches among the best of the year, but TripleMania reportedly drew twice as many paying fans.
  2. The event which got the most interest from the latest AAA TV taping, in Ecatepec on 09/16, was El Consejo debuting their own version of the Ke Monito blue monkey: Ke Changuito, a black monkey. The second biggest news was Halloween asking Mari Apache out and being turned down. These may indicate the lack of actual news from the taping. Los Perros continue to feud with new tecnico Hector Garza.
  3. AAA announced a new show to air on TVC Deportes called Fusion. The first taping is this Sunday. Since the show does not air on Galavision, AAA could sell it internationally without interference from Televsia. The show itself doesn’t have any big storylines, but it does have Dr. Wagner & LA Park teaming up for the first time in AAA, and the debut of a mystery fourth Inferno Rocker
  4. IWRG became the only Mexican promotion to run a live TV show this year. (CMLL’s been running a live to the Intenret show.) IWRG’s show last Sunday was aired on AYM Sports in both Mexico and the US. Both of us who watched thought it was neat. In a somewhat confusing main event, Ofical Factor won both the IWRG Rey del Ring championship and the IWRG Junior de Juniors title. The later title is supposed to be for second generation wrestlers, and Factor’s never been billed as one. Speaking of confusing, the show also continued the Carta Brava vs Carta Brava feud.
  5. AAA also is taping Thursday in Arena Nacualpan. No big matches, just set up for Heroes Inmortales. Wrestlers from IWRG will will appear, as will Samuari del Sol.
  6. AAA, which previous put TripleMania on their website for free, seems like they’re going to start uploading parts of their normal weekly show maybe just the stuff that’s been cut from their national show.

Other News

  • Shocker missed a couple weeks because he was hurt or because he wrestled a match in no condition to perform. Fans in Arena Puebla, where the incident happened, were well convinced Shocker had shown up drunk and taunted him about it.
  • CMLL announced Yet Another New Show: En Busca de un Idolo, showing the tournament from earlier this year which had previously only been seen on CMLL’s YouTube channel. There are now 9 different CMLL shows on the air or internet Gala, Fox, C3, 52MX, Terra, GDL, Estrellas TV (Puebla), TVC Deportes (also Puebla), Busca. That’s 12.5 hours of CMLL on TV a week, though some of that is duplicate material.
  • AAA’s Quien Pinta Por La Corona tour continue in Ciudad de Carmen, with 6 more wrestlers advancing to the December final.
  • NJPW visitor Prince Devitt has been feuding with Dragon Rojo to set up a title match this Friday. Fellow NJPW-er Taichi has been bumbling around and tripping over his own pants. Tama Tanga will be coming next month. Meanwhile, Mascara Dorada & Averno spent a couple weeks wrestling each other in NJPW, and Ricky Marvin and Super Crazy finished mid-table in a NOAH tournament. Marvin indicated he’d be returning to Mexico next month and next year.
  • CMLL minis Fantasy and Mercurio agreed to a mask match.
  • Konnan complained about poor treatment from Tijuana’s lucha libre commission and too many shows using AAA wrestlers in the area, which set up a promotion versus promotion feud.
  • Olimpico won the Occidente (Guadalajara) Heavyweight championship, declared it the greatest title in the universe.
  • Dragon Gate’s Eita Kobiyashi wrapped up his stint in Mexico by winning the DTU Alto Impacto championship. On the same DTU show, Crazy Boy teased a comeback with a main event anti-bullying run-in. Crazy Boy’s been out 18 months with a knee injury and at least one failed surgery to repair it.
  • IWL returned to run an electrified cage match and have Canek wrestle Steve Corino.
  • People who kept their titles: Juvi, Diamante Azul & Atlantis, La Mascara, Marcela
  • Mephisto saw The Dark Night Rises one too many times, decided he was Bane. This will be very interesting next time Volador dresses up as Batman.
  • Prince Devitt wore a sombero
  • CMLL filmed a PSA against violenice