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MedioTiempo’s interview with Rush informs us that Terrible has actually be riding Rush’ coattails all along. “People only started to care about you again when you started feuding with me, I’m the one making stars.” Rush believes all the rudos should be embarrassed that he, a tecnico, gets more boos from the fans. Rush repeats that he has no near term plans of changing to the rudo side – the boos empower him, and he wants to go after Mr. Niebla and Ultimo Guerrero’s mask. Rush does reveal that after he destroys all of the rudos, he will then switch sides so he can destroy all the tecnicos, because Rush doesn’t really care about sides.

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Prince Devitt arrived in Mexico yesterday, receiving a giant sombrero. He’s already a winner. Devitt’s happy to be healthy this trip, which will allow him to wrestle much more than his first trip in and face a bigger variety of opponents. Among those opponents will be Volador; Devitt and the interviewer are both are under the impression to they’ll have a third title match in Guadalajara this Tuesday. They may be reading ahead, because this week looks only to be the trios match to set that title match up.

Konnan made news at a press conference for AAA & MW’s show in Tijuana on Friday. The article focuses on Konnan’s complaints towards the local lucha commission: a drunken commissioner attacked him last time he was in Tijuana and nothing was done, and the commission is allowing too many one-off promoters to bring in the same guys (LA Park is named) and over saturate the market. The head commissioner told the paper that any promotion who can prove they have financial ability to put on a show is allowed to, they don’t get involved in who’s booked on shows, and more shows allow the local guys to work more regularly. There’s also a bit about Nicho/AAA having the rights to the Psicosis name; it’s not expanded on, but I imagine Konnan is upset about the CMLL Psicosis using that name locally.

The specific show Konnan seems to have a problem with the 09/28 show by The Crash. It’s a bit strange, because Park and Electroshock and Garza are all on the show, so Konnan’s argument overuses seems as much with the local promoters as with AAA for not picking one group to go with in Tijuana. In the Gladiatores summary of the press conference, the local guys on the MV show later challenged the The Crash on that show

The bigger news is Konnan mentions he plans to return to the ring in 2013. Konnan has occasionally been booked for matches in recent years, but those are usually opening match wrestlers doing all the work and Konnan taking one bump, being involved in the finish, and looking barely mobile. This Vampiro vs Konnan match is illustrative of the type, but Konnan’s not even done those much the last couple years, but he’s been talking about getting in shape for one more run. He feels he’s still more over than most everyone in Mexico (as you’d expect for a guy who was a big star in a bigger era and is still all over their TV in a key position now.) This is the first time we’ve heard a specific time period. I’d imagine it’d be as a tecnico; it’d be a big deal after being a rudo in Mexico for so many years, and the idea of ‘one last run’ comes across stronger that way.

Dragon Rojo wants the Guerreros to reconcile and stick together. He’s sad about all the problems they’ve had in the ring, but believes they could settle things if they all just sat down at a table with cool heads and talked it out. Dragon says he’s been unhappy about how Ultimo has talked about kicking out of Rey Escorpion and adding Niebla Roja & Euforia without once letting him know what was going on or who was going to be teaming with who going forward. Everything is up in the air, while Dragon Rojo would like to continue teaming with his friend Rey Escorpion.

The teased wrestling video game with Tinieblas and Huracan Ramirez is actually a Kickstarter-like project. It’s on, a Mexico based site with the same idea of kicking in fund to get someone’s project. They’ll looking for 600,000 MP ($46K USD) and have raised 37,500 so far. The funding levels run for 25MP ($2) to get the app and a paper Tinieblas to a 50,000 level for 10 posters, 4 masks, 5 pictures with the luchadors, 10 tickets to the launch party/wrestling show they plan on doing and special recognition in the game. As with all of these projects, you’re not charged unless they reach their goal; they’ve got a long way to go but still three months to do it. I’ve beat this drum too many times, but there’s not a high success rate of the projects actually coming to fruition even after the project has been funded. There’s no mechanism to force the project people to actually do anything once they have the money.

Nimrod (JJ) says he won the bronze medal greco roman wrestling in the Central American Games in 2008 in Panama. There were no Central American Games in 2008 (they run ever four, but not Olympic years) and there’s not been a Central American Games in Panama since the 70s. Thought it might be a Pan American games, but no. It’s possible there’s another competition or a wrong date; the article makes it sounds like Nimrod immediately jumped to pro-wrestling which happened to start back up in Costa Rica at that time, which is all very convenient. The article says it’s a dream of his to wrestle in Mexico, but also has him admitting he did not know who Canek was until recently.

The first Rush/Terrible rematch will take place Sunday in San Luis Potosi. CMLL wrestlers weren’t getting regular bookings in San Luis Potosi until the Mistico tour, but have been there (in varying numbers) every Sunday since.

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Lucha Libre in Japan

09/09 NOAH: Super Crazy & Ricky Marvin TLDRAW Katsuhiko Nakajima & Satoshi Kajiwara [Junior Tag League] – 30 minute draw
09/12 NOAH: Super Crazy & Ricky Marvin [O] b Paul London & Zack Sabre Jr. [X] [Junior Tag League]
09/13 NOAH:
Eddie Edwards b Ricky Marvin
Super Crazy b Ross Von Erich

Team Ricky Crazy is second in the B Block of the tournament with 3 points and with 2 matches to go.

09/12 Zero 1: Sicodelico Jr. b Mineo Fujita [Tenkaichi Junior, eightfinal]

09/13 NJPW: KUSHIDA, Alex Shelley, Mascara Dorada [O] b Rocky Romero, Alex Koslov, Averno [X] – Dorada with a ranita for the win.

Averno and Nakamuara in Japan.


CMLL (MON) 09/17/2012 Arena Tepito
1) Dalton vs Dragon Infernal
2) Angel Del Misterio & Muneca De Plata vs Mamba & Shitara
3) Camaleón vs Sucesor, Arquero, Tornando, Rey Espacial, Ultimo Rebelde Jr., Yago, Luzbel Jr., Templario, Tanque Infernal [Tepito Rey de Aire]
4) Brazo de Platino, Robin, Super Brazo vs Felino, Puma King, Tiger
5) La Máscara vs Volador Jr. [MEX LH]

@lilha_star spotted this lineup on Facebook. Besides the title match and the family vs family main event, note Ulitmo Rebelde Jr. in the tercera. That should be Ultimo Guerrero’s kid, but you’d think he’d be wrestling with a less known name if he was trying not to be identified as Ultimo Guerrero’s kid.

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  1. “Rush repeats that he has no near term plans of changing to the rudo side – the boos empower him”

    Well, if it works for John Cena….

    “and he wants to go after Mr. Niebla and Ultimo Guerrero’s mask.”

    Cubs, you said it best, It’s nice to have dreams

  2. Maybe Ultimo Rebelde Jr. is just another name of Hooligans son Ultimo Rebelde II who was introduced two years ago and never popped up on a card.

  3. I remember back in the 90’s when Konnan and Vamp would cry about old guys in Mexico who refuse to give up their spot even though their time is up because they can’t give up the spotlight! Even worse – they refuse to put over the young generation and make fools of themselves in the ring.

    Just goes to show you wrestling is cyclical in more ways than one.

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