10/08 AAA TV Lineup (Heroes Inmortales)

AAA TV (MON) 10/08/2012 Domo Centro de Espectaculos, San Luis Potosi
***Heroes Inmortales, 2012***
1) Dinastía, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito vs Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis, Mini Psycho Clown
2) Fabi Apache & Tommy Boy vs Fenix & Lolita and Gran Apache & Mari Apache and Jennifer Blake & Último Gladiador [AAA MIXED TAG]
championship is vacant; previous champs were Blake & Alan Stone
3) Abyss & Chessman vs Joe Lider & Vampiro [AAA TAG]
Abyss & Chessman are champs
4) El Elegido, Extreme Tiger, La Parka Jr., Toscano vs Daga, Héctor Garza, Juventud Guerrera, Zorro and El Mesías, Heavy Metal, Psycho Clown, Texano Jr. [Copa Antonio Pena]
rules are unclear
5) Dr. Wagner Jr., Electroshock, LA Park vs Jeff Jarrett, Máscara Año 2000 Jr., Silver Kain
6) Cibernético vs CuervoJack EvansOzzel Hijo del Perro AguayoHalloweenTeddy HartPsicosis [dome cage, hair]
Bizarros (& Jack) versus Perros. Last man out loses his hair.

Air Date: no sooner than 10/14 and possibly later. Two weeks taping.

Lineup via KrisZ. Pulso SLP also has it.

Can’t we just have a singles match that’s good? This card is packed with matches just trying to get more people on the card in weird ways. Minis match is the only simple one here.

Alan Stone has been on AAA shows as recently as last weekend, but has not been on TV since Rey de Reyes. AAA does not like to fire their luchadors, but will freeze them out of the better shows in order to punish them (or get them to quit on their own.) That’s seemed to be the case with Stone. Alan turned tecnico right before he left TV, which could be the explanation for the break up, should AAA feel the need to give on.

Blake has sometimes been associated with the Maniacos, and that continues in this match. Lolita & Fenix should be a fun duo. Apaches are the favorites. I do not know who Tommy Boy is, but wait a week and we may have a clue; he has the fortune to be on a Mexico City AAA show the night of TripleMania. The article oddly lists Sexi Star as one of the referees. This match  makes the most sense (which favors the Apaches more.)

I would root for anyone to beat Abyss & Chessman for the tag team titles, except Lider & Vampiro. It’s listed as an extreme match, but that doesn’t even need to be said with that quartet.

No idea what’s going on with the Copa Antonio Pena; it’s possible someone misunderstood something along the way and it’s really a gauntlet or battle royal. (The article calls it “duelo todos contra todos”, which points in that direction.) Those teams don’t make sense, not even an enemies team together fashion. First TV match for Zorro since June, first for Heavy Metal since April, and both have barely turned up on spot show lineups.

It’s not a big surprise they’re pushing off LA Park vs Jeff Jarrett until Guerra de Titanes. (And it won’t be a surprise when they push it off again until Rey de Reyes.) It’s nice to see pinning Kurt Angle has taken Electroshock from random participation in tag matches with Jeff Jarrett & LA Park to random participation in trios matches with Jeff Jarrett & LA Park.

Main event is built off the Lucha Libre Expo stuff, and also existing because they needed something to be the main event. Cibernetico climbing that cage is gong to be a scary thing. His knees can’t handle stairs! Cuervo has been dating Fabi Apache months but isn’t team with her in the tag tournament. Jack Evans is in the main event despite being a Bizarro. Remember, six months ago, when we thought we were Jack was losing his hair to Perro at TripleMania? What if they did they same final outcome without the build, and with six other people? That would not be cool.

Next taping is who knows.

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