top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. AAA held it’s twentieth TripleMania at Arena Ciudad de Mexico. The show drew 19,000 for AAA”s first ever visit to the venue, which will likely be the Mexico City home of AAA major events for years to come. Dr. Wagner Jr. took Mascara Ano 2000 Jr.’s mask in the main event, in a match designed to hide Mascara’s weaknesses by including many run-ins. In the other big matches, Mesias kept AAA title over Perro Aguayo when Hector Garza accidentally hit his now former friend with a chair, Team AAA beat Team TNA but Joaquin Roldan still lost his hair in a rudo trick, and Joe Lider lost his buzzcut.
  2. The former Dragon Lee debuted as Mistico. His Arena Mexico debut drew the highest turnout at Arena Mexico since last year’s La Mascara vs Averno mask match. There was one noticeable bad spot near the end, but most of the match went well and the new Mistico was well received by the crowd. A Nuevo Mistico CMLL tour of regular spot show locations, though some they have not run with as much frequently in recent years, have not drawn well. Those smaller building appear to half full (though it’s possible they might be even lower without the new Mistico.)
  3. Also on the Mistico debut show in Arena Mexico, Ultimo Guerrero & Dragon Rojo’s 21 month tag team title reign came to an end, losing the belts to Atlantis & Diamante Azul. Rojo & UG nearly won before they fell apart at the last instant, and now appear to be breaking up. Guerrero was just involved in a very similar breakup story with Rey Escorpion, but that one seemed to be dropped (or put off to the side) before they ever got to the match against each other.
  4. Marcela took Tiffany’s hair in the main event of a CMLL show directly opposite of TripleMania. The show drew 3,000, a fine number for Arena Coliseo but not for the much larger Arena Mexico. In a bit obviously taped for the El Luchador reality show, Shocker proposed to his girlfriend.
  5. AAA taped more television in Tampico this past Friday. Perro Aguayo Jr., believing AAA and Hector Garza had conspired to make sure he’d never be champion, directed his troops to attack his long time friend/enemy. Garza was solidly a tecnico by the end of the night. The taping also continued an Octagon turn, and LA Park vs Dorian Roldan. In the main event, Silver King again attacked his brother to help Mascara Ano 2000 Jr., and may have joined el Consejo.
  6. Volador and Mr. Niebla are feuding over CMLL’s regular weekly show. The rudo vs rudo rivalry is being teased as a mask vs mask match for CMLL’s Anniversary show. The most likely outcome remains a cage match.
  • CMLL’s Universal Tournament starts this Friday.
  • The annual lucha libre expo is this weekend. Many of the smaller promotions have announced their lineups over the last few days. Perros del Mal, one of the tent pole promotions, has only announced a main event. AAA will hold a TV taping Sunday. CMLL has no official presence, but some of their wrestlers will be on independent shows or signing autographs at vendor stands.
  • AAA will announce a new Quinta Para Por La Corona talent search contest today. There will be stops made in Monterrey, Campeche, Puebla and Guadalajara before a final in Mexico City in December.
  • Axel won the Torneo Amigo de Siempre and – slightly more important – the legal right to call himself Nieto del Santo.
  • Rush, the next great star of CMLL, finished last in the G1.
  • Mascara Dorada, Averno, Tiffany, Dark Angel and Dinastia are all headed to Japan, while Prince Devitt & Taichi are headed to CMLL and Alex Kolsov & Rocky Romero are coming back to Mexico
  • Diamante Azul lost his Mexico City Heavyweight title to a luchador in San Luis Potosi, but did not actually bring the belt…
  • in a slightly less hyped debut of a new wrestler using an old name, El Cobra debuted for IWRG.
  • Canek wrestled for IWRG on their Festival of Masks show.
  • Hijo del Pirata Morgan won IWRG’s Gran Cruzada battle royal, and IWRG Rey de Reyes championship.
  • Also on IWRG’s Champion of Champions show, Golden Magic won the WWS welterweight title, while the Officals, Hijo de Mascara, and Cien Caras kept theirs.

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  1. I think there aren’t enough feuds this time for a cage match, maybe a relevos increibles suicidas match (Rush/Terrible vs Volador/Niebla) or something like the Dos Leyendas 2010 thing is more likely.

  2. Rush, Terrible, Volador, Niebla, Ultimo Guerrero, Dragon Rojo, Atlantis and Shocker or New Mistico depending on how desperate they feel like at the moment. Throw in Puma King and Rey Cometa just to confuse everyone!

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