08/10 AAA TV Results (Tampico)

AAA TV (FRI) 08/10/2012 Expo Tampico [AAA]
1) Mari Apache, Mini Charly Manson, Sexy Star b Fabi Apache, Lolita, Octagoncito
Manson powerbombed Octagoncito for the win.
2) Aerostar, Argenis Atomic Boy, Fenix b Daga, Dark Dragon, Gran Apache
Moonsault sideslam from Fenix to Apache for the win.
3) Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker b Drago, El Elegido, La Parka Jr.
Inferno Rockers were the unlisted wrestlers. Machine pinned Drago with a German suplex.
4) Joe Lider, LA Park, Psycho Clown b Psicosis, Silver King, Texano Jr.
Earlier in the night, LA Park forgave Joaquin for costing him Dorian’s head shaving, but promised Dorian will learn his actions has some consquences. Silver King replaced Octagon, who did appear but said he was injured. Psicosis jumped out of the crowd to attack Park. Park and Psycho Clown had issues during the match, but the tecnicos still won.
5) Cibernético & El Mesías DQ el Hijo del Perro Aguayo & Héctor Garza
Perros turned on Garza and destroyed him prior to the match. Halloween tried to replace Garza in the match, but the ref didn’t allow it and called a DQ.
6) Máscara Año 2000 Jr. b Dr. Wagner Jr.
No mention of how Mascara won. He did wear his mask all match, but Wagner pulled it off post match. Silver King and Consejo ran in to attack Wagner. Unclear if Silver is part of the group. Mesias, Cibernetico and Garza made the save.

Air Date: 09/02 & 09/09.

It’s amazing Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. is still winning. They don’t trust him, they had a half dozen different people getting involved in his TripleMania match, but they’re not giving up on him. Of all the people AAA could be pushing as new stars, he seems to be the least likely to succeed, but it pays to be tall, have a famous mask, and be willing to lose it.

Next taping is the at the Expo, a week from Sunday.