AAA against obesisty, TRT vs Porky, Volador & Niebla?

AAA (TUE) 07/31/2012 Mexico City
1) Dinastía, Máscarita Divina, Mascarita Sagrada b Mini Monster Clown, Mini Murder Clown, Mini Psycho Clown
2) Drago & El Elegido b Dark Dragon & El Brazo

This show followed a press conference announcing AAA would take part in the Secretary of Health’s campaign against obesity, as part of a new “Lucha Libre contra la obesidad” program. Marisela Pena spoke for AAA, with Elegido & Mesias announced as spokesperson for the campaign (and La Parka & Cibernetico also there.) They will run 11 events as part of the program from August 5 to November 19; not sure if that’s the TV tapings or something else. Photos from the show are here.

Amusing to put El Brazo in the main event of an anti-obesity show. He did lose, point made!

AAA’s doing a parade around Mexico City today as part of the week of promotion for TripleMania

(photo by CMLL)

CMLL (TUE) 07/31/2012 Arena Mexico [CMLL, Kaiser Sports]
1) Bengala & Robin b Camorra & Cholo
Tecnicos took 1/3.
2) Dalis la Caribeña, Lluvia, Luna Mágica b Amapola, La Seductora, Lady Afrodita
Lluvia pinned Amapola. Poor Amapola. Luna Magica was shaken up by a shot to the head.
3) Cancerbero, Hijo del Signo, Raziel b Hombre Bala Jr., Rey Cometa, Super Halcon Jr.
Rudos took 1/3, Raziel beating Rey Cometa.
4) Hijo del Fantasma b Virus [lightning]
Phantom Attack in 6:46.
5) Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr., Sagrado b Black Warrior, Niebla Roja, Vangelis
Tecnicos took 1/3, Sagrado pinning Warrior.
6) La Máscara, Super Porky, Titán b Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger
Tecnicos took 2/3.


Lucha Libre in Japan

08/01 NJPW: [G1] Rush b Hirooki Goto with the double underhook piledriver in 8:02
Rush is in first place! End the tournament now! This was the one win Rush was surely getting. It was a rematch of the FantasticMania match Rush lost but did well enough to earn this spot, and the obvious way to give him a credible win before he starts losing a lot. Rush has Lance Archer on Friday, another decent chance at a win.


CMLL (MON) 08/06/2012 Arena Puebla
1) Asturiano & Black Tiger vs King Jaguar & Policeman
2) Aereo, Astral, Pequeño Halcón vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Warrior
3) Pegasso, Sensei, Starman vs Cancerbero, Nosferatu, Virus
4) Triton vs Namajague [lightning]
5) Diamante, Máximo, Sagrado vs Averno, Ephesto, Niebla Roja
6) Atlantis, La Sombra, Volador Jr. vs Máscara Dorada, Mr. Niebla, Último Guerrero [Relevos Increíbles]

That’s an interesting main event. Sure seems like a setup to do Volador and Niebla agian. Also, Triton vs Namajague! I can’t believe this show isn’t being taped.

CMLL (TUE) 08/07/2012 Arena Coliseo Guadalajara
1) Azteca de Oro & El Divino vs Relampago Azul & Thunder Boy
2) Soberano Jr. & Starman vs Èvola & Ráfaga
3) Javier Cruz Jr. & Sky Kid vs Artillero & Súper Comando
4) Black Metal, Leo, Smaker vs Pólvora, Raziel, Sangre Azteca
5) La Máscara & Máximo vs Mr. Niebla & Volador Jr.

And Volador and Niebla again. Hmmm.

CMLL (MON) 08/06/2012 Domo de la Feria de Leon
1) Eléctrico & Último Dragoncito vs Demus 3:16 & Pierrothito
2) Goya Kong, Lluvia, Marcela vs Amapola, La Comandante, Princesa Blanca
3) Delta, Fuego, Stuka Jr. vs Misterioso Jr., Sangre Azteca, Skándalo
4) Blue Panther, Diamante Azul, Hijo del Fantasma vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger
5) Mistico, Shocker, Titán vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Euforia, Mephisto

Not sure if I’m going to post every Mistico match here, but might as well for the early ones. Main event Titan! Misterioso and Sangre Azteca, who may or may not be feuding in the tercera is interesting too.

CMLL (TUE) 08/07/2012 Arena Mexico
1) Freesbe & Robin vs Apocalipsis & Inquisidor
2) Fantasy, Niño de Acero, Shockercito vs Mercurio, Pequeño Universo 2000, Pequeño Violencia
3) Molotov vs Hijo del Signo [lightning]
4) Cancerbero, Raziel, Virus vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Skándalo
5) Delta, Diamante, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Namajague, Shigeo Okumura, Vangelis
6) Diamante Azul, Titán, Valiente vs Averno, Ephesto, Mephisto

Titan’s Friday main event seem to have moved over to Tuesday. I’m okay with it when it’s that main event. Also, the annual Tuareg vs Cancerbero trios. They’re going to run out of Tuareg members by about 2014. Signo better win the lightning match.

Minis match would be Shockercito’s first match since January. He was listed in a match back in May, did not appear.

CMLL (WED) 08/08/2012 Parque Bicentenario, Morelia, Michoacan
1) Estrellita vs Amapola, Goya Kong, Tiffany, Lady Apache, La Comandante, Marcela, Princesa Blanca, Zeuxis, Dark Angel [cibernetico]
2) Delta, Diamante Azul, Máscara Dorada vs Misterioso Jr., Sangre Azteca, Skándalo
3) Blue Panther, Máximo, Shocker vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas
4) Atlantis, Mistico, Titán vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Euforia, Último Guerrero

And more main event Titan here. There are probably local matches on these cards – CMLL posted the Neza lineup, which did not include the locals and had some slight changes – but it’s not just Mistico who’s getting work on this show. If people turn out to see new Mistico, everyone’s going to get paid. There’s surely jealousy over Dragon Lee’s new spot, but also realization of how important it is for it to make it work.

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  1. @scott decker: 3 years ago, Porky told the press that the AAA management explained him that he was too fat to get more bookings, so he left. AAA vs. obesity is a long-lasting feud, and AAA is winning! ;)

  2. Posiblemente el programa de lunes lo transmitan una vez que terminen los juegos olimpicos pero dudo que lo hagan.

  3. Además de la galería fotográfica de la conferencia de Prensa, tenemos otra de las dos luchas de exhibición que se presentaron en el evento de AAA en la Secretaría de Salud.

    Esas fotos pueden verse visitando este otro enlace:

    We also have a photo gallery from the two exhibition wrestling matches celebrated during the AAA event in the Health Ministry.

    You can find those pictures visiting this other link

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