CMLL on Televisa: 2012-07-07


taped 2012-06-29 @ Arena Mexico

the lady knows how to make an exit

Valiente vs Ephesto in a lightning match: a good enough lightning match. It was a lot of guys taking turns doing spots, but they were different enough spots that it didn’t get repetitive and the match went along at a good pace. Always good to see Valiente be able to pull off his big dive.

Goya Kong vs Princesa Blanca, Amapola, Estrellita, Dark Angel, Lady Apache, Tiffany, Marcela, La Seductora, Dalis la Caribeña in a cage match and for the mask: a cage match. They tried to work out spots, but this wasn’t anything interesting. The 5 minute Goya/Blanca match was as good as that was going to be. The Tiffany boot escape spot would’ve been cute if it wasn’t so obviously set up at the last second. Dark Angel’s gymnastic escape was neat.