Mistico II debut match still unknown, Devitt vs Voaldor

CMLL has only put up a placeholder card for next week with wrestlers scheduled to appear – Mistico, Atlantis, Shocker, Sombra, Mr. Niebla, Ultimo Guerrero, Valiente, Angel de Oro, Mephisto, Diamante Azul – but no matches. I presume the problem is last night’s show being canceled. CMLL luchadores are promised a certain amount of matches a month (varies per luchador) and they may be reworking things to make up matches for the people who didn’t get to work last night.  They could’ve just paid the guys for the show that got canceled, but CMLL is cheap.

Based on the names listed, my bet for the Mistico debut is Mistico, Angel de Oro (is this irony?), Valiente vs Mephisto and two rudos to be determined.

Volador and Prince Devitt signed contracts for their match tomorrow, which will happen sometime past 11pm CT tonight for us. You can watch the press conference on YouTube (NJPW uploads their press conferences, hint hint), starting at the  10:30 mark. Devitt was respectful, Volador was Volador: Devitt just got lucky, and he’s just been borrowing the NWA Middleweight Title for the moment. Volador noted CMLL is a 77 year promotion, while NJPW is only 40 years, so of course the title match from CMLL should be in the main event. Devitt hopes to win and challenge for the IWGP belt next.

I’m thinking Volador is wearing his Captain America outfit, and I honestly believe he’s winning this. Feel free to mock me in the comments.

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3 thoughts to “Mistico II debut match still unknown, Devitt vs Voaldor”

  1. No mocking, but unfortunately, you were incorrect. Devitt over Volador Jr. in a shade over 13 minutes.

  2. CMLL loses to New Japan again. No surprises here. Move along folks.

    I remember when some folks were actually trying to tell me CMLL gets something out of this relationship. LOL Funny people.

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