CMLL on Televisa: 2012-06-30


taped 2012-06-22 @ Arena Mexico


Dark Angel, Estrellita, Goya Kong vs La Seductora, Lady Apache, Princesa Blanca: I like how Princesa Blanca threw white powder in Dark Angel’s face, when it would’ve just been as easy to turn it over the pin. I guess she had the powder ready and was going to use it no matter what. Unlike the Amapola/Estrellita bit, Blanca had a lot better aim (by throwing it inches away from a stationary person.) This match was not good, but it was heated for the cage match.

Warrior toe, for old time’s sake

Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Black Warrior, Mr. Águila, Volador Jr. for the Mexican National Trios Championship: Another really great match for this championship. Volador kept getting beat by the Atlantida time after time, but he finally got out of it here and got a clean win, which may be the most surprising part. Everyone did their part well, and it felt sufficiently bigger than the TV matches prior to it. I’m not as convinced about this team of sorta-Invasors champs as a unit as the prior, but they were pretty good together here.