07/28-29 lucha times


The Olympics start this week, and Televisa in Mexico is covering them. However, they’re being largely televised on Televisa Deportes Network, which means it doesn’t affect the CMLL and AAA main shows. TVC Deportes has it’s usual round the clock coverage of secondary sports, which does mean CMLL Puebla, IWRG and Tercera Caida are taking three weekends off.


Galavision/Televisa: Terrible gives Rush a portrait, and the required women’s match.

FOX: Dragon Rojo vs Titan! And the required miscellaneous match.

C3: La Mascara vs Rey Escorpion for the title.

52MX: the show they aired on Terra last week? Which would be TRT vs Marco/Rush/Shocker, Diamante/Fantasma/Triton vs Ephesto/Sangre/Okumura and Estrellita/Sugheit. There’s a 10% chance they showed the full show on Terra because they’re back to airing Puebla for duration.

GDL: maybe back this week? I haven’t asked. Was supposed to be Sombra/Marco/Rush vs Rojo/Aguila/UG in the main event, but I bet there was a sub if Aguila/Sombra got pulled from next week.

Terra: Minis rematch, openers trios, and women’s trio match to set up next week’s hair match.


AAA: women’s tag, Consejo vs Psycho Circus, and Cibernetico & Jack vs Hector & Teddy

ACM: rerun week?

2 thoughts to “07/28-29 lucha times”

  1. “Terrible gives Rush a portrait”

    Right before he leaves for Japan? IT’S A SETUP RUSH! DON’T GO!

  2. Fox Sports in Peru is reairing last weeks show. Not sure if this will be the case in Mexico as well or if they will get new stuff.

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