07/28-29 lucha times


The Olympics start this week, and Televisa in Mexico is covering them. However, they’re being largely televised on Televisa Deportes Network, which means it doesn’t affect the CMLL and AAA main shows. TVC Deportes has it’s usual round the clock coverage of secondary sports, which does mean CMLL Puebla, IWRG and Tercera Caida are taking three weekends off.


Galavision/Televisa: Terrible gives Rush a portrait, and the required women’s match.

FOX: Dragon Rojo vs Titan! And the required miscellaneous match.

C3: La Mascara vs Rey Escorpion for the title.

52MX: the show they aired on Terra last week? Which would be TRT vs Marco/Rush/Shocker, Diamante/Fantasma/Triton vs Ephesto/Sangre/Okumura and Estrellita/Sugheit. There’s a 10% chance they showed the full show on Terra because they’re back to airing Puebla for duration.

GDL: maybe back this week? I haven’t asked. Was supposed to be Sombra/Marco/Rush vs Rojo/Aguila/UG in the main event, but I bet there was a sub if Aguila/Sombra got pulled from next week.

Terra: Minis rematch, openers trios, and women’s trio match to set up next week’s hair match.


AAA: women’s tag, Consejo vs Psycho Circus, and Cibernetico & Jack vs Hector & Teddy

ACM: rerun week?

Konnan on WOR, Tiffany vs Marcela, Mistico, Magazines

Konnan did a subscriber only  interview with Wrestling Observer today. Lots of interesting bits.

As far as news, the biggest is the TNA/AAA storyline will not end at TripleMania. Konnan specifically said Jeff & Karen won’t be leaving any time soon. Talent may head the other way: “I don’t know what month it’ll be, it should be sometime after September, you should see some AAA talent in TNA, mostly in the [X] Division.” He later explained “September” because that’s when the no-compete with Lucha Libre USA ends (or at least Konnan believes it’s over then), and that’s also part of the reason Jack Evans didn’t stick with TNA (he wasn’t really supposed to be working there.) This is where I point out that Konnan has been doing audio interviews with F4/WON for years, and you can go back and listen to him saying they’re really close to getting out of this deal in every single one of them. Konnan is telling the truth about the situation as he knows it, but he’s also not this gullible. It’d be really great if AAA guys could come to the US in September, but please don’t hold your breath.

Speaking of the US, the idea in AAA is they want to come strong to the US when they finally get here, so just putting on PPVs like TripleMania with nothing else supporting it isn’t going to happen. (Konnan does not agree with that idea, or keeping it off PPV in Mexico.) Konnan does think TripleMania will air in TV in the regular taping order. That would mean AAA is taping shows over a month before it’ll air, and announcing more tapings on top of that.

Konnan mentions Rey Misterio (probably Jr.), Edge, and Jeff Hardy as people they wanted to bring in for TripleMania but all didn’t work out for one reason or another. Misterio would’ve been in a non-wrestling capacity, but WWE said no to that. Jeff is still barred from leaving the US. In one of his own podcasts, Konnan had also mentioned the Bella Twins as the same deal “We had a big match that was going to be the main event of TripleMania that fell thru.” The Kurt Angle signing came together at the very last minute.

Dr. Wagner should be very concerned about Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. getting his hands on a beer bottle in the near future. Like, Friday.

People who should not be worried about Friday include Sugi. He may still be listed for the card but he’s out of AAA until everything gets cleared up. Konnan says the story is Sugi did plant the drugs in Nosawa’s portait, but only because Masahiro Hayashi promised him he’d get him a full time job with AAA if he did. It was Hayashi who was mad at Nosawa because Nosawa brokered a deal directly between CMLL and a Japanese company, which had previously been Hayashi’s deal and money. That company is probably Mr. Cacao’s Fukumen MANIA promotion, who had previously been using indy lucha guys but switched to using Arkangel and friends. Arkangel & Nosawa go back, which fits the story. Konnan would love to bring Sugi back someday.

When asked who’s stepped up lately, Konnan said Perro is a lot better that this year, has taken care of his issues and really turned around. Konnan says Juvi has his head on straight because he knows there’s no money on the indies and AAA is the only way he can get paid. Konnan also picks Semental (who will be one of the ‘new’ guys on Friday, unless we’ve just ruined it) and Fenix as guys who’ve really stepped up and they hope to do more with. Konnan mentioned neither guy is on TripleMania; I dunno if that means Semental is being pulled due to the new gimmick (for Argos?) or if he just forgot (more likely, it’s that kind of match.) Drago was asked about, and just got worked out of the plans dues to injuries but should be back post TripleMania.

Konnan doesn’t think clones get over. He meant Mistico II, not the new Alebrije here. (Also, he thinks the four guys who made Mistico were Ultimo Guerrero, Rey Bucanero, Dr. Wagner and Perro Aguayo. Averno & Santo may argue with that.) When asked, Konnan lists the guys he thinks could do well in WWE: Marco Corelone, Mascara Dorada, Sombra, Jack Evans, Teddy Hart, Fenix, Daga  (but they’d have to be re-educated).

Tiffany vs Marcela will be the main event of the August 5th show. CMLL’s saying they’ve earned the chance. The surprisingly strong turnout for the cage match plays into that, but it also just means they’re not running any major men’s match on that show. CMLL claims it’s just a coincidence of the calender that they’re running this show the same night as TripleMania. They do run a built up singles match the first Sunday of every month, but they always build that up on the Sunday shows. Tiffany & Marcela has been a focus of Friday shows until the week, and they never accidentally move programs from one day of the week to another; that this is two women in a hair match and not a random title match is no coincidence. Tiffany explains she kept turning down the hair match because she wanted a title match (reasonable, if only she had said this), but is not scared of a hair match. There’s no real strong reason to why she changed her mind. Tiffany has requested Tirantes be referee for the match. Marcela said she’d probably retire if she lost her hair. The finish of this one is not in a lot of doubt.

Mistico was at the press conference too, just to make sure he was on every possible camera. In the Kaiser Sport interview, Mistico says he’ll be doing much more risky things to win the public’s support. This won’t end well. CMLL’s told him that he must keep the look of Mistico close to the original, but he’s free to do his own thing inside the ring. Mistico says he’s been avoiding reading reaction to him until his debut, because only then will they have something to criticize or praise him about. Panico & Jose Luis Felicano said Mistico will start on the cards about the same level Dragon Lee left and have to work his way up from there. Stuka, Valiente, and Sombra are mentioned as possible partners, and Negro Casas, Misterioso, Ephesto and Mephisto as opponents. That sounds like Friday semimain level with main events on smaller shows.

Mr. Reyes’ column includes a mention of a great question someone put to Panico and Feliciano: will they be charging promoters the same high fees for bringing in the new Mistico as they did the old one? The CMLL crew played dumb and said Mistico would only be working the CMLL owned arenas for right now. That’s not a no, and Arena Queretaro is not a CMLL owned arena. Obviously, one of the reasons to bring back Mistico is to bring back the cash Mistico was bringing in, both from fans and promoters.

CMLL’s changed next Tuesday’s lineup. The Mr. Aguila vs Sombra match is now a Mephisto vs Sombra lightning match as a semimain.

Super Halcon Jr. won the Hidalgo Welterweight Championship on Sunday. No opponent or location is mentioned; it wasn’t Arena Aficion.

In Memoriam explains everyone else was running in, so he decided to make sure the tecnicos did not get the better of it Sunday. It reads like they’re setting up a cage match of Guadalajara locals in the next couple of weeks.

Rob has highlights of 07/06/12 CMLL, plus a full match of Ciclon Ramirez & Ultimo Dragoncito vs Felinito & Nuevo Pirata Morgan and Octagoncito’s introduction.

Magazine Notes!

Sometimes, I get a group of Lucha2000 & Box Y Lucha, and I thought it’d be useful if I noted them here. (I get SuperLuchas more regularly, which is why it gets more mentions.)  I’m skipping the usual reports – all the CMLL, AAA, and IWRG coverage that’s repeated online, as well as any indy shows I’ve already added to the DB. I also tend to skip the columns a lot. You can get a sense of what they’re covering.

Box Y Lucha #3084

  • This is their “Dragon Lee is Nuevo Mistico” issue. Dr. Karonte’s column talks about Sin Cara’s own debut and nervousness.
  • Super Electra, with an unclear belt, challenes Mohicano I to a hair match and a Caballero Azteca to a mask match
  • Interview with Thunder Star, Capitan Guerrero, and Angel del Espacio of Bull’s Gym.
  • Promocion Cirios introduces Juventud Latina, Guerrero de la Muerte, Corazon Diabolico II, Payaso Dark
  • Lunathor, with his family.

Lucha 2000 #626

  • This is also the Nuevo Mistico one, for comparision sake.
  • Diamante Azul is open to teaming with Diamante (though Diamante needs to rise up the cards to join him)
  • Angel de Oro has nothing interesting to say about going to Japan.
  • interviews about the luchadoras dance show from Father’s Day reveal the new choergrapher is Black Mamba from Monterrey (who’s appeared on AAA shows.) Estrellita talks about preparing to do this again at the Lucha Libre Expo.
  • an interview with Zebra Kid. You can tell he didn’t write himself, because there’s paragraph structure, proper formatting and content other than “the guys today aren’t as tough as I am!”

Box Y Lucha #3085

  • coverage of Adorable Rubi’s death included a Q&A with him from ByL #1075 (1973)
  • a  visit with Super Tarin’s promotion, which includes Solaris, Sombre del Angel, Arturo Gaona, Furia Nocturna, Z-Xtreme, Arelquin Morado, Star Moon, and Papa Shango. Not that one.
  • Promocion Cirios ‘s 10-14 year old trainees.
  • a two page interview/photo spread of Martha Villalobos, who mentions her annual Gala de Reyes del Ring will be on 12/01.
  • brief bio of Androide. It’s accompanied by a picture of a trios title match where Androide is not identified.
  • Mosco de la Merced (Loco Valentino? – not X-Fly for sure) promotes his lucha classes at Konkreto Gym with top student Odiseo.
  • Super Muneco talks about how his important his father was in getting hims tart in lucha libre. This continues on into the next issue

Luchas 2000 #627

  • an interview with Super Parka’s daugther, Noelia Miroslava Ibarra. At 18, she’s qualified to the finals of the national olympic style wrestling final four times (2008 and and the last 3 years), winning the bronze medal in her weight division (59kg) the last three years.
  • Diamante would be open to teaming with Diamante Azul, and hopes the future of CMLL is more new names and more people moving up to the main event.
  • a DJ Spectro feature on Zebra Kid
  • an obit for Adorable Rubi
  • Hijo del Gladiatores introduces a new class of luchadors: Pequeno Valeitne, Venganza, Tanque Ifnernal, El Sucesor, Luzbel Jr., Zeya, Nuria, Diabulus, Filial
  • A two page Dragon Lee interview, where he acknowledges what a big leap it is for him to be Mistico – he points out the first was 5 years a professional, and he’s simply a year and 1.5. Dragon Lee thought it’d be a longer proccess to get to the top because of his youth and size, and says he’s trying to put on some weight before his debut. Dragon Lee promises to be Dragon Lee to the max in his new persona, not anyone else. Dragon Lee says there are classmates who he thought were his friends but are now bad talking him behind his back, but he realizes they are just enviness and he’s not going to let that affect him. Lee mentions he’s nervous about the reaction of the fans for his debut. (Note: This is a Karlo interview.)
  • dueling interviews with Rey Escorpion and Ultimo Guerrero, where they say each other is a great luchador but may not be able to work with each other due to attitude.

Box Y Lucha #3086

  •  Guerrero Maya Jr. got into a car accident, reinjurying his shoulder. They have a picture of the cars, and it is absurd – the car Maya was in was lifted off the ground, and it’s back half rested on the hood and windshield of the other car. I don’t even know how you do that! Neither car looks that damaged except for the car on top of the car. Maya was wearing his seat belt and recommends you do the same. He obviously missed no time.
  • an obit for Tino Herrera (Enfermero II), who’s credited with helping traing Rey Cometa
  • Ninja de Fuego celebrates his IWL Internet championship win.
  • Pictures from a Black Terror Jr. Promotions show in Ecatepec
  • a piece about old gyms and training groups
  • Konkreto Gym promoters special kids classes for the summer.
  • a recap of a Super Tarin show
  • interview with Los Reyes de la Simpatia (Payaso Fanastico I, Payaso Fanastico II, Drager) of trios champs of Promociones Hermanos Cirio
  • Another Super Tarin show.