top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. AAA announced it’s TripleMania XX lineup, which comes off as a usual big show lineup with a mask match on top. Dr. Wagner and Mascara Ano 2000 Jr. in a mask match where everyone knows who’s going to win (and Santo’s drawn well with that same bit), Mesias returns from injury to defend his title against Perro Aguayo Jr., and there are two more apuesta matches on the undercard. TripleMania feels more like a bridge major show an end of the year event, with some issues set up on TV skipped over here.
  2. LA Park defeated Abyss to keep the Latin America title, but was humilated by Jeff Jarrett and the rest of the rudos. In earlier matches, Vampiro’s return to the ring was prevented when Dorian Roldan ordered the police to arrest him for early run-ins.
  3. Ultimo Guerrero has kicked Rey Escorpion out of his group and put Euforia in his spot. This hasn’t been explained on the shows at all to this point.
  4. El Hijo del Santo’s interview show has been canceled. There’s no next show announced for his TxT promotion.
  5. Mini tecnico luchador Aereo lost his mask to Pequeno Nitro in Arena Mexico.
  6. Loco Max left CMLL, saying only good things about the company but unhappy wiht the amount of work
  • Rush was announced for the G1, will be confused by the lack of boos.
  • Sugi appears to be out of AAA (and every promotion) due to involvement in Nosawa’s false arrest for drug possesion. AAA still lists him on Queretero’s TV lineup because changing posters is hard, I guess?
  • Cibernetico & Parka won IWRG’s Guerra de Empresas
  • Puebla luchador Lestart retired.