CMLL En Busca de un Idolo (06/08/2012)


this still looked cool

Diamante vs Euforia: an okay lightning, but nothing worth writing a lot about. Neither guy did a lot that stuck out. Diamante may want to reconsider his finish; it’s not that he’s killing other people when he lands it, it’s that he’s killing himself every time he misses. Credit for coming up with a new idea for the flip/knockdown bit.

Titan catches people with his back. Worked here.

Dragon Lee vs Titan: Starting the match by actually doing holds and counter holds for a few minutes was deeply amusing coming from these two, and the match really got food form there. These are two guys who common sense says require someone unlike each other to be a base for them, but actually worked off each other much better than expected. It wasn’t even as much neat moves as neat sequences of moves; this was all laid out and worked out very well, and executed just as well. This missed a little drama, but otherwise would’ve been fine as a final.