CMLL on CadenaTres: 2012-06-09


taped 2012-06-05 @ Arena Mexico

Hombre Bala can’t stop being Hombre Bala

Ángel Azteca Jr., Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Nitro, Skándalo: long version of usual match, seemingly toned down and more focused on the rudos. No dives by anyone, which is a big part of the tecnico’s games, but the Tuareg got in their usual low blow bits and more. Nice to have the first fall finish be replayed for the third, but an unremarkable match.


fire beats cloud

Fuego, Hijo del Fantasma, Sagrado vs Niebla Roja, Raziel, Sangre Azteca: Unassuming trios match that turned out to be really good. Rudos more than carried their end of it; the long stretch of evil domination that’s dragged in other matches was nothing but hard working fun here. The third fall was laid out really well, and they had the strong story of Fantasma ending up down at the end of every fall until he finally clotheslined Sangre at the end. This was all well done.


Dorada & Somrba

Euforia, Felino, Negro Casas vs La Máscara, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada: mostly a técnico exhibition, and it was the right group for that sort of match. Técnicos looked very on and spectacular in their spots. Rudos were good; Negro was over huge, and they could not have had this match with Niebla instead of Euforia, or most anyone instead of Niebla. It seems like Generacion Dorada has no immediate future as a trio because the two belts are being held by técnico teams, but it is still fun to see them together.


[falls over]
Rush vs Yujiro for the CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship: This was just a match, and almost a disappointing one, until maybe the last five or so minutes of the last fall. It was missing dramatics, and then got all sorts of dramatic in the end. Rush held up his end, and got a pretty definite win given the quasi-legal finish. This match also illustrated a percentage of the fans will boo Rush against anyone, because there were multiple Yujiro chants here. It’s amazing.

Yujiro STRONG (this bit was even better with the noise Karla was making)