CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX: 2012-06-09


taped 2012-06-03 @ Arena Coliseo


Stuka crushed himself

Fuego, Sagrado, Stuka Jr. vs Pólvora, Sangre Azteca, Vangelis: Usual match, with the Stuka/Sangre issue still there but not as emphasized. About what you’d expect from these six guys with nothing on the line. Crowd was loudly into Stuka, for what it’s worth. If they did do the Sangre & ??? vs Fuego & Stuka match in Arena Coliseo, it’d would get a great reaction. Not sure about it in Arena Mexico.


Blue Panther, Marco Corleone, Valiente vs Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas: though the first few minutes looked like it could be something more, this turned in to mostly Peste Negra goofiness. Marco seems to be working on some new bits.

still, this was pretty strong

Diamante Azul vs Último Guerrero: The most Ultimo Guerrero singles match yet. It didn’t make if it was Diamante Azul, Diamante (not Azul), or some indy Diamante, Ultimo Guerrero was working the singular match he always works in this situation, and the técnico had to be pounded in to the mold to work it. In this case, Azul didn’t get to do almost any of his signature spots – the big armdrag spot was screwed up, and he got in the press slam and spinning side slam possibly only because UG couldn’t remember which tall guy he was facing. Instead we were treated with Azul going for a leglock for no reason, and UG doing the same five near fall spots he does in every single match. A total waste. We’re at the point where I’m dreading Ultimo Guerrero singles matches, and I can’t believe it’s come to that.