CMLL En Busca de un Idolo Week #5 (06/01/2012)


nearly the end of Titan 

Diamante vs Dragon Lee: Quick match, mostly because they didn’t bother with the two minutes of mat wrestling, just skipped ahead. A Dragon Lee showcase with Diamante getting in just enough moves to make it competitive, and the finish to set up the standings how they’d like down the road. This time, Dragon Lee looked fine (except for the one bad flip miss), but the crowd wasn’t into him at all. CMLL books Dragon Lee like he has the “It Factor”, but the crowd doesn’t always seem to see that It.

Titan vs Euforia: Felt like a little more than the big high spots before the screwjob finish. There were parts of this that were exciting, but these two could probably have a better full match if given the opportunity. This is an odd time to break out the towel thrown in as a match finish, but better here than something the crowd actually cares about! Someone might have worked out that this was the likely final by this point…