06/30 AAA TV Lineup (Orizaba)

AAA TV (SAT) 06/30/2012 Plaza de Toros La Concordia de Orizaba, Veracruz
1) Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown vs Argos, Texano Jr., Toscano
2) Jack Evans vs Teddy Hart
3) Cuervo & Ozz vs Abyss & Chessman
4) Extreme Tiger & Juventud Guerrera vs ? & Halloween
Perros del Mal surprise
5) Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr.
Dr. Wagner Jr. will have Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr. as his second, while Mascara Ano 2000 will be his son’s second.
6) Cibernético, Electroshock, LA Park vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Héctor Garza, Psicosis

Let’s work out the math here, because I think I had it wrong yesterday:
06/17 & 06/24: Veracruz
07/01 & 07/08: Teziutlan
07/15 & 07/22: Orizaba?
which would mean just one more taping to be announced before TripleMania for 07/29 and 08/04 (same night as TripleMania.) I haven’t seen AAA’s TV from this week yet, they might have announced that date already. AAA could still setup stuff at that show, but this lineup is close to it, 47 days ahead of time.

AAA could really just run one taping in all of July if they wanted, though they might want to run two to avoid having to tape the week after TripleMania.

With that in mind, the Ozz & Cuervo vs Abyss & Chessman match could be a setup for TripleMania. AAA’s talked about Chessman demanding top competition, so maybe not.

Consejo and the Psycho Clowns all the way down in the opener is weird to see, but Jack vs Teddy is a storyline that’s actually going to TripleMania and Abyss is their big TNA star, so neither of those should be the opener. Consejo has to be on the card somewhere because they’re getting involved in the semimain (and they may not be alone) and AAA doesn’t pay people just to show up and not be in a match.

Fourth match sure looks like Daga is getting a Perros del Mal shirt.

One thought to “06/30 AAA TV Lineup (Orizaba)”

  1. So Perros Del Mal have their own group of 5-10 guys who hate AAA and are a seperate faction.

    TNA hates AAA and is always sending foreigners for major shows to destroy AAA.

    So why exactly am I supposed to care that El Consejo is invading AAA with lesser talent?

    Meanwhile nobody actually seems to be defending AAA. Wagner has personal issues, Vamp shows up once a year, I guess Ciber? But every time “Ejertico AAA” takes a picture it’s full of Argenis, Aero Star and Atomic Boy who mean nothing to anyone based on how they are booked.

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