06/16 AAA TV Lineup (Teziutlan)

AAA TV (SAT) 06/16/2012 Plaza de Toros El Pinal, Teziutlan, Puebla
1) Aerostar, Argenis, Atomic Boy vs Gran Apache, Semental, Tito Santana
2) Joe Lider vs Psicosis
3) Daga, Extreme Tiger, Juventud Guerrera vs Dark Dragon, Halloween, Teddy Hart
4) Dr. Wagner Jr. & Silver King vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. & Texano Jr.
5) Cibernético, Electroshock, Zorro vs Chessman, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Héctor Garza

Air Date: 07/01 (and 07/08?)

While the main matches seem sorted out – Perro vs Mesias, Wagner vs M2K, LA Park vs [TNA] – that still leaves a lot of usual top guys with nothing in particular obvious for TripleMania. Maybe this main event will start to sort that out.

Wagner & Silver keep teaming up, despite not being very successful at it.

Both the opener and the tercera have chances to be really good. I never thought about it until this lineup, but they’ve never done Teddy vs Juvi as a singles match, which would be the craziest possible match. Primera is a better bet as good match, tercera has the chance of devolving into Teddy setting up chair spots for five minutes and Halloween accidentally spearing one of those wood panels for the hundred time, but it could be entertaining too.

Doing the Joe Lider vs Psicosis match here means they won’t do it later, right? (Naaaah.)

Next taping is 06/30 in Orizaba.

3 thoughts to “06/16 AAA TV Lineup (Teziutlan)”

  1. Is there some reason Apache is still black? Aside from that random Naucalpan match he’s been clearly defined as red.

    Another awesome looking show! This will make it 4 straight weeks of great TV if you count the upcoming Chilpancingo Pt 2, the two weeks of Veracruz and then this show.

    This will be the 3rd Nicho/Lider match on TV within 8 months. That’s scary. And they probably have another coming up afterwards.

    I assume everything is filler except for the TM matches you noted. I would guess they’ll do a 4 way for the Cruiser Title w/ Daga/Juventud/random TNA nobody #1/random TNA nobody #2 and the rest of the show will be more AAA vs TNA matches w/ a Jack/Ciber/Electro vs Teddy/Garza/Chessman match inserted. No way guys in the opener are making the show. Needs to be a ladies match too.

    Aero Star vs Semental will be out of this world!

  2. That’s A Tough Gig For Wagner, Tijuana On Friday, Puebla On Saturday, Then Double Booked In El Paso & Juarez On Sunday…..

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