06/02-06/03 lucha times


Two issues to cover:

The other IWRG show: IWRG Sunday tapings, for the last few months, are airing on obscure cable channel VibraTV. It’s a station small enough to only be carried by Cablevision in Mexico City. It’s additionally confusing because another group (CanalDVD) seems to buying the TV time themselves and using it to put IWRG on the channel themselves. The station has a website, http://www.canalvibratv.mx/, and streams the station on the home page.

The show airs Sundays. It’s listed as 10:30AM to 11:30AM. I started recording about 10:15 last Sunday, but you saw that I still missed part of the first match. I’ll be checking at 10 AM…assuming I’m up and around by 10AM.

how I’m recording these streams: I don’t know that I’ve mentioned this, though it was not supposed to be any secret. I’ve just bounced around trying stuff and haven’t been happy enough with anything to recommend. Maybe other people have better ideas.

The software I’m using right now is called MediaBox. The program tracks all incoming streams when it’s running. You can select any stream to Record, though you’ll need to refresh the feed to get the recording to start. The stream is saved in whatever video type it’s being streamed in (FLV for both GDL and IWRG), and it’s easy to convert as long as you stop the feed properly – hitting the stop button and not just closing feed.

There are some problems. It’s a random piece of software on the internet, so you never know what you’re actually getting. An earlier version of the software totally screwed up my computer. I had to go back a Restore Point to get it to work. I haven’t had the same problem with the newer version, but I’d still suggest you back up before you install it (and then reboot to see if everything still works.) It’s a a Chinese program that’s been translated to English, though not perfectly. It seem to be timing out at recording 1:45, though that may just be the feeds I’ve tried of late. And there’s no way to set this up to record that I’ve found, you have to repeat the process each time. There’s an attached piece of software called Blader included that seems to store the recording info, but this version of it hasn’t worked well.

Is there something steadier? I think I’d be willing to pay a reasonable amount for a program which would record streams reliable and without needing me to be there to hand hold every time. Free would be nicer, but something that actually works trouble free is the goal.

=== CMLL ===

Galavision/Television: Easy enough this week. The Ephesto/Stuka lightning match, the minis match, and the last Escorpion/Warrior trios.

FOX: leaving this show with the women’s trio to follow up on last week’s DQ, and Dragon/Volador/Yujiro vs Sombra/Marco/Dorada

C3: Yujiro vs Rush build.

52MX: I’m still not sure what’s going on with the Puebla matches, but this should be the Stuka/Sangre Azteca match. Stuka/Sangre and the build to Diamante Azul/UG should air.

Puebla: Not listed on entutele.com’s schedule, but Jose said the cage match airs this week. I go with the people who broadcast the show over website listings. I have no idea why Puebla matches are airing on two different networks.

GDL: Volador vs La Mascara, plus a cibernetico, plus a Gallo match. That sure sounds like a GDL show.

LATV: who knows

=== Other ===

AAA: Night of Champions. Main show should get at least the Cruiserweight, Trios and Latin American championship bouts, and either the minis or Reinas title. The remaining matches will turn up on the regional show.

ACM: matches from the all Serious Wrestling show last weekend?

IWRG-TVC Deportes: the show going on right now, with Rey del Ring.

IWRG-Vibra: Navarros/Pantera vs Head Hunter/2 Oficials/Shadow Phoenix in an only-in-IWRG main event. Team DTU teams up with Scorpio to face Freyser, Golden Magic and Veneno in the semimain.

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  1. Cool thanks for the info on the IWRG show.

    I’m not sure if it will work for regular video but I know a lot of people who record video games like Minecraft use a program called Fraps.

  2. You could also try snagit for recording streams. Snagit takes videos and photos of your screen and there’s no reason you couldn’t record a whole show with it. I’ve recorded things for 40 minutes plus with no problems. It’s really good for getting videos, photos and other things from places that don’t allow the saving of such things.

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