05/19-20 lucha times


Weird stuff going on all over the place.


Galavision/Television: In the US, this is pre-empted this week and maybe next week. (And then? Who knows.) They’ve been so steadily cutting back on lucha libre hours over the last 18 months, nothing would surprise me.

For those who do get the show, you get more from Escorpion/Warrior, another Bala/Halcon tag, and Yujiro’s return.

FOX: bumped from Saturday due to Champions League final, but should still have the minis trios match and a grab bag main event.

C3: more Psicosis vs Dorada

52MX: more Dragon Rojo vs Sombra

LATV: the Pequeno Reyes del Aire, well worth checking out if you haven’t seen it already.

GDL: the Estrellita vs Amapola match you’ve been wanting/fearing.

Puebla: gone! Not on the TVC Deportes lineup.


AAA: easiest one yet, the left over from Leon: Argenis/Atomic Boy vs Gran Apache/Tito Santana, Mari Apache vs Fabi Apache, and Consejo vs Wagners. This could be a really fun show.

ACM: Ninja vs Garza vs Elegido vs Toscano

IWRG: the show going on right now, with a Mexico vs Japan cibernetico.

Rey Escorpion vs Black Warrior, X-Project

No results. No Busca en un Idolo pool standings update yet today.

Kaiser Sports has quotes and photos from the Rey Escorpion & Black Warrior contract signing. Interestingly, Panico is still showing up as the CMLL representative for these things. Warrior was asked if he’d wrestle more like he does now, or like the rudo who faced Mistico in a mask match in a sold out Arena Mexico, and Warrior said it’d be a little bit both. Rey Escorpion, who felt Warrior is the much bigger, said he would not give 100% in this match, but 200% because it’s just that important.

Rob has highlights of 04/01/12 AAA.

Rompe Huesos compares successful sons to their fathers.

Blue Demon Jr. & Hijo del Santo in New York this weekend.

AAA writes about Lolita getting a shot at the Reina de Reina’s title for the first time.

ComicCorp looks at Mr. Niebla & Volador Jr.’s recent comic outfits.


VO (SUN) 05/27/2012 Rodeo el Jefe
1) Cerebro Maligno, Herejía, Rey Krimen vs Destello Negro, Halcón 2000, Heavy Boy
2) Argos & Sugi San vs Letal & Peligro and Kaiser & Latin Star and Mr. Blacka & Ztzizan
3) Joko Winterscheidt & Tinieblas Jr. vs Sadica & Super Crazy
4) Electroshock vs Daga vs Heddi Karaoui

Joko is a German TV host.

top six stories of the last two weeks

  1. CMLL announced Black Warrior and Rey Escorpion would meet in a hair match on 06/01. They’ve been linked together since February’s national incredible pairs tournament. The match has doubt in the outcome, though both have been treated as around semimain stars.
  2. AAA announced TripleMania would happen. At some point. In the future. Not now, probably in August.
  3. AAA taped a show in Merida, featuring the return of Psicosis. It is Nicho back under the mask, claiming horrible burns from Joe Lider, but they didn’t quite explain why he’s being called Psicosis. Abyss & Chssman kept the tag titles, and Perro Aguayo and LA Park did not get along.
  4. AAA announced an all championship match show this weekend, including a five way match with LA Park, Cibernetico, Dr. Wagner Jr., Perro Aguayo Jr. and Chessman for Park’s Latin American championship
  5. AAA celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. If only someone had posted an article about the formation of the promotion and it’s debut show.
  6. CMLL’s focused it’s attention on the En Busca en un Idolo tournamnet, the very important rookie competition never shown on TV (though the website is promoted on all of them.) As of press time, with the latest fan polls results not yet counted, tiny tecnico Titan leads. Titan would be in 5th if not for his massive lead in fan poll voting. Over one million votes have already been cast with one week to go, due to fans of all the luchadors quickly figuring out how to stuff the ballot for their favorites.

Other News

  • Volador dressed up like Iron Man, may have been suspended from Friday shows for a few weeks
  • Sangre Azteca turned rudo. It was without any setup, except for the months of Sangre Azteca being a not very good tecnico.
  • Hijo del Ninja’s first unmasked match had him beating three AAA stars, including his uncle Hector Garza, but did not draw a strong crowd.
  • La Comandante lost her hair in Japan’s REINA promotion, then the promotion imploded. If only Comandante had won!
  • Oficial AK47 won the vacant IWRG middleweight title.
  • people who kept their titles: Dragon Rojo Jr., Negro Navarro & Trauma I, Mascara Dorada
  • Ultimo Dragon ran the annual Ultimo Dragon show.
  • Rey Cometa got a cool shirt.