Mexico preview, en Busca de un Idolo

No IWRG show last night. Not much to talk about.

CMLL’s Arena Mexico show is highlights by the return of NJPW’s Yujiro. Though we’ve expected a match with Diamante Azul or Rush, Yujiro mentioned Marco Corleone as someone he’d like to defeat in his re-introduction interview. He’s teaming with Invasor Psicosis and loose cannon Volador to take on the Bufete del Amor tonight. Marco, Maximo and Rush will also be available for pictures as part of a Mother’s Day Special. The two En Busca de un Idolo matches are Triton vs Niebla Roja, Dragon Lee vs Euforia. Euforia seems to have Dragon Lee’s number in tag matches, but this is their first singles encounter. The Warrior/Escorpion feud continues elsewhere on the card.

The latest En Busca de un Idolo standings are update with this week’s poll results.

  1. Titan 136
  2. Euforia 130
  3. Diamante 113
  4. Polvora 109
  5. Triton 100
  6. Dragon Lee 94
  7. Puma King 86
  8. Niebla Roja 78

Titan’s won the poll both times, which is 80 of his 136 points. He has not won a match. If Titan had an average amount of poll points (35.575, a weird average number), he’d be in sixth place. No one else has even gotten 30 points in a single week.

As far as I can tell, the top four move onto a single elimination stage, so the real battle is beginning to look between the Diamante, Polvora, Triton, Dragon Lee foursome.

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