Puebla, TripleMania to August (and replacement show to June?), Yujiro

CMLL (MON) 05/07/2012 Arena Puebla [Porra Fresa]
1) Ares & Policeman b Blue Center & Tigre Rojo
Rudos took 1/3.
2) Bronco, Hooligan, Nitro b Höruz, Leono, Sensei
Rudos took 1/3
3) Asturiano, Milenium, Stigma DQ Puma King, Skándalo, Súper Comando
The Stigma/Milenium/Asturiano trio all wore red. Puebla tecnicos took falls 2/3, with Skandalo fouling his brother Stigma in the last for the DQ.
4) Morphosis, Olímpico, Volador Jr. b Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr.
Rudos took 2/3. Maya was cut open sometime in the second and said to bleed significantly during this match, though he refused medical attention. Rudos eliminated him in the third. Atlantis got Olimpico up in the Atlantida, but Volador broke it up, pulled the mask, and cradled Atlantis for the win. Volador also attacked Maya as he was being strechered out after the match.
5) Marco Corleone, Máximo, Rush b Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Tiger
Tecnicos took falls 2/3. Rush pinned Tiger. Maximo suffered a leg injury in the third fall.

Yesterday, Dorian Roldan announced TripleMania would take place in August. TripleMania has tended to be a June event in recent years (it’s moved around the calendar a few times), and rumors over the last month suggested it’d be moved to July. This is even later. AAA has not confirmed a specific date or location as of yet, or even explained why it’s in August and not June. My barely informed guess is they want to run the new Arena Ciudad de Mexico, and the August date (5th?) just worked best for everyone.

The immediate effect is heavyweight champion Mesias, announced as needing three months to return from a bicep injury, would make it back in time. Mesias feels like AAA’s third most popular tecnico (behind Park and Wagner, and Cibernetico has an argument), but he’s always central to AAA’s plans and they’d definitely prefer to involve him in their biggest show of the year. I don’t think Mesias’ injury is the reason AAA’s pushing back TripleMania, but it’s a nice benefit of the move.

Moving TripleMania to August stacks up the major events in the second half of the year. This seemed like a problem when TripleMania was only going back to July. August for TripleMania means no Verano de Escandalo this year. Pushing back TripleMania also means AAA would go five months between shows with big matches, an extraordinary long time.

AAA appears to have figured out a solution to this problem: this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter says they’ll be holding a Night of Champions (Noche de Campeons?) in Orizaba. The WON gives a date of 05/18, which must be a typo – they tape on 05/17 in Chilpancingo and no 05/18 show has been announced anywhere. Something like 06/17 would fit, and everything else starts to fit once you assume there still is a major show coming up in June. AAA specifically announced title matches in Merida, which didn’t seem to make sense when TripleMania was thought to be in July and would be very silly if they were holding them off until August. It makes a lot of sense to be announcing title matches if you’re running a title match show in six weeks (and it’ll be more like four when the announcements start airing.)

AAA’s current champions, who’d presumably be defending at a Night of Champions
Minis: Mini Psicosis  – already set to face Mascarita Dorada)
Women: Sexi Star  – already set to face Fabi Apache + 2 more (Mari and a tecnica or a TNA woman?)
Mixed Tag: Alan Stone & Jennifer Blake – Alan’s a tecnico, Jen is not? No specific challengers
Cruiser: Jack Evans – vs Teddy Hart, maybe more
Latin America: LA Park – vs Jarrett? vs Perro?
Tag: Abyss & Chessman – seems like a multiman, but this explains why Abyss didn’t lose in Merida
Trios: Psycho Circus – vs undefeated Consejo? vs Maniacos?
Heavy: Mesias – stripped of his title? Perro defends/”earns” #1 contendership vs Wagner?

That’s 8 matches, the size of a major show. If AAA skips on doing something with the Heavyweight title or the Mixed Tag, that leaves room for the Nicho Psicosis vs Joe Lider death match they’ve been setting up. Make up an Extreme Title for that (or use the DTU one) if you must. The part of this that most interests me, from an aesthetic standpoint, is this means a few stories I’m not interested in (Jack/Teddy II, Abyss/Chessman, Jarrett) might resolve in June and everyone could do something more interesting on TripleMania. No guarantees, but a little hope.

Yujiro arrived in Mexico on Wednesday. He explained to the press that he’s much better than any Mexican and anyone in CMLL, he should only be programmed in main events, and no one can stop him. Yujiro was asked if he’d team up with Okumura & Namajague to go after the trios titles, but Yujiro instead suggested he take on Marco in a hair match, take his hair, and make all of the women fall in love with him. Yujiro has said he will not go back to Japan until he’s beat 10 people. There are three falls, this shouldn’t take too long.

LuchaWorld has the top 100 countdown, with Escoria, Tiger Cota, and Besita 666.

Rob has highlights of 05/13/11 CMLL


11 thoughts to “Puebla, TripleMania to August (and replacement show to June?), Yujiro”

  1. Holy crap, that AULL show looks like it drew maybe 15-20 people, and that’s being generous.

  2. Maybe TNA will send TNA Knockout’s Tag Team Champions ODB & Eric Young to challenge AAA Mixed Tag Team Champions Alan Stone & Jennifer Blake for the titles!

  3. You gotta figure Daga gets in there somehow. I always thought they’d do Jack/Teddy/Daga/some no-name TNA guy or even worse – Dabey Richards – at Triplemania.

    I just hope neither Night of Champions or Triplemania includes guys like Drago, Aero Star, Gran Apache, Atomic Boy, Dark Dragon, etc. Those guys are always dragging AAA shows down and they don’t deserve any sort of reward for working all the AAA spot shows which the main eventers/foreigners refuse to do!

  4. I wouldn’t mind Daga or even Bestia 666 working for the Cruiserweight Championship. Jack Evans has held the title since June 2012 and AAA has a lot of guys that could be having matches for the title.

  5. @ChuckieChk: Figure TNA will be involved based on recent tweets and they are running a light house show schedule because they are not drawing well, so guys are available.

  6. I’m guessing TNA goes live from Orlando when they move to 8p. And whey they do, they’ll be going crazy trying to shock people every week, and AAA will end up supplying talent to be part of the steady parade of weekly surprises.

    That will be the one drawback to AAA being able to run the US again. Being able to work with TNA.

    Cubs, can’t you see VdE combining with Pena Memorial? Or Vde end of September and Memorial end of October?

  7. Combining is more likely. AAA doesn’t like running major shows closer than 2 months together; 4 in about 16-18 weeks would make them unhappy.

  8. If Mania is on 8/5 I’m wondering if there is a TNA connection?

    TNA would most likely do their Aug PPV on that date and AAA almost can’t do Mania on the day of a TNA PPV. Either way, what if TNA drops the Extreme theme they have been doing in Aug and go with Triplemania from Orlando?

  9. @LLL: It’s already been announced they’re doing at Arena Ciudad de Mexico.

    Either way why would AAA sacrifice the gate from their biggest show of the year to run a show in Orlando in a tiny building that TNA can’t even fill out without giving away weekly freebies? It makes so little sense that as I type this I am now picturing Dorian Roldan agreeing to it as long as he gets a picture with SoCal Val.

  10. @LLL: AAA means about nothing to TNA fans right now, much less their storylines or big matches, and it’s not like you can expect TNA to help with that when they can’t get people to care about their own stuff. Doing what amounts to be a regular AAA TV taping in Orlando (and calling it TripleMania) might expose new people to the product, but there’s no reason to waste their biggest show of the year in front of a free audience in hopes of picking up a couple dozen US PPV buys.

  11. I don’t think TNA and AAA really have a relationship. TNA has not been using Abyss and Jeff Jarrett, so they lend AAA to them.That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

    Unless TNA/Panda going to give AAA a million or two to put Triplemania in Orlando, I don’t see it happening.

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