AAA on Televisa (Regional): 2012-03-18

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taped 2012-03-11 @ Centro Civico de Ecatepec


Dinastía & Octagoncito vs Mini Histeria & Mini Psicosis : Fun match. AAA matches, and minis matches especially lean towards being all action with no mat work to warm it up. It’s was the right combo for this group. Dinastia sticks out not just with the crazy moves, but the high energy level. Bouncing about and generally being hyperactive is a nice way to get him to standout a bit more, and the crowd was into it. The crazy moves help. Dinastia’s done very well so far.

poor ideas

Aerostar & Súper Fly vs Ángel Mortal & Gallego : Aerostar’s dive into a chair shot was a hellacious impact, so I really hope they’re doing something with it and just haven’t gotten to it yet. There are worst things you can do with Super Fly and Aerostar than have them feud with Angel Mortal and Gallego; the last six months to a year were worse, for sure. Super Fly didn’t get a whole lot of offense but seemed sharper than he had been in a long time. Aero’s green and black outfit looked great, but caused me to call him Laredo Kid a dozen times. Outside the underwhelming ending (and the lack of a good angle on some of the major shots), this was a good match.




Argenis, Drago, Fenix vs Argos, Semental, Toscano : Really fun match. Toscano worked really hard here, Semental looked good, and all the técnicos were really sharp. Argos was bad, having decided to continue doing all of his técnico spots as a rudo and continue to fail at about a third of them, but he was not enough to bring down the match. DQ finish was annoying, but gets a pass since it was a new debut and all. I don’t know if it was on purpose, but Consejo using random CMLL finishers was a nice bit and something they should do a lot more to annoy people. Dancing Hombre de Negro means they’re not as much pretending to be a real CMLL group as being jerks and mocking one promotion while invading another, and what better way to continue than to steal people’s moves.


X-Fly doing X-Fly things

Damián 666, Halloween, X-Fly vs Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown [AAA TRIOS]:This seemed like the briefest match between these two sides, an odd thing for the last one. It was all right, but maybe rushed, or maybe just too quick to get to the big near falls when this feud hasn’t really been about big near falls. It is about people inadvertently diving onto objects, so it was nice to sneak one of those in here as a near fall. Crowd really got into it, wish they had more time to stick with the post match to make this mean something.


maybe Hijo de Tirantes needs to check himself for weapons

Daga, El Mesías, Jack Evans vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Héctor Garza, Nicho el Millionario : Too long, some of this time should’ve been shifted to the previous match (or maybe the previous match went too short and time was shifted here?) This really didn’t need to be a 23 minute match. Odd booking for Perro beat Jack clean, especially given where they were going for Rey de Reyes – has the period of this feud where Jack gets to win ended already? Daga was not having a great match until the mystery injury which was pretty amazing to watch one you knew what happened, but they will can never ever explain (to the point where I’m not sure if this airs if this isn’t the main event, because it exposes them at a depth no one in Mexico is comfortable with.) Nicho was good. This was OK outside of the weirdness.

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