03/31-04/01 lucha times


Daylight Savings Time

Mexico City (and GDL) flip over to Daylight Savings time Sunday morning.


52MX: Devitt/Shocker/Dorada vs Averno/UG/Volador.

GALA/Televisa: Based on last week, the Devitt match should air here. The women’s match seems definite.

FOX: The Rey Escorpion/Black Warrior feud continues here. Peste Negra vs Atlantida and Virus vs Triton if there’s time.

C3: Sombra/Maximo/Devitt vs Bucanero/Escorpion/UG.

GDL: Atlantis/Dorada vs Averno/Mephisto.

Puebla: Sombra/Devitt/Rush vs Peste Negra. TVC Deportes does not have TV listings anywhere I can see – entutele just lists 12 hour blocks of “TVC Deportes” for the next week. The feed’s not been up for a while as well. I can’t really be sure anything’s airing, but I’m assuming the status quo is up.

=== Other ===

AAA: Rey de Reyes leftovers: cage match, Consejo, and the title match.

ACM: didn’t see results from here yet, but it was a random assortment of people.

Perros: I think this is still airing?

IWRG: Traumas/Pirates vs Pesta Negra

Random AYM show: 11am Saturday.

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